…with more functionality coming soon…

What does it do?

SortMe helps users rank their photos by score. It places 2 images side-by-side, and waits for the user to click on the the image they prefer. The winning image will earn points, and its opponent will lose points – all according to the Elo ranking system.

With the current pairing method, each image is paired with all other images in a chosen directory. So, given the set of images – A, B, and C – 3 sets of images will be displayed:

  1. A vs B
  2. A vs C
  3. B vs C

Number of comparisons: (1 + 2 + 3 … + n) – n

How to get it running?

Download the zip folder and uncompress it. Then, add a config file to the folder sortme. Add the following variables to the python file:

iloc = "image location" # This folder must exist and contain photos
dloc = "data location" # This folder does not need to be created - the program will do it for you
dfn = "name of JSON file to which data is saved" # This file will also be created by the program

You should arrive at something like this:

iloc = "../images"
dloc = "my_data"
dfn = "the_data.json"

Remember to save!

After this step is complete, you are ready to sort! Run

How to use?

2 steps. Click the image you prefer, or click the Save button at the bottom. The Save button will save the new scores of sorted images to the JSON file.


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