What is this?

PyRoovit is/will be a toolbar for the use with pyRevit built by Gavin Crump (aka Aussie BIM Guru). Having used and taught Dynamo for many years now, he’s come to see pyRevit as a natural ‘next step’ for users looking to package up more efficient, stable and scalable tools to organisations. Over time, tools will be introduced to this resource in tandem with related educational content on the Aussie BIM Guru YouTube channel.

Who is it for?

These tools will generally be aimed towards architects looking to get more out of Revit and/or learn more about pyRevit. Expect tools to typically focus on efficiency gains usually made in the mid to late stages of project delivery (as well as some purely miscellaneous tools).

Feature requests

Whilst the author can’t guarantee they’ll be able to add everything and anything, feel free to add tool/script ideas on the github or by contacting [email protected].

Read more at the wiki here:

Directly Installing pyRoovit

The following method can be used to avoid installing pyRevit via the Settings menu from within Revit itself, and might be beneficial to automate company related installation process’ as well. Thanks to Jean-Marc Couffin for suggesting/helping write this section!

  1. Install pyRevit from
  2. WIN+R, then type ‘cmd’
  3. In the command line, install the extension with the following command pyrevit extend ui pyRoovit –dest=”C:\thePathWhereYouWantItInstalled” –branch=main
  4. If Revit was opened, use the reload button of pyRevit


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