Project setup

run command to setup assets(dataset from UD)

spacy project assets

It uses project.yml file and download the data from UD GitHub repository.

Download vectors

Download fasttext vectors


Use these vectors to prune it so that model size is reduced. I’m currently using 100000 vectors for training the model.

mkdir vectors
python -m spacy init vectors ur cc.ur.300.vec.gz  ./vectors --truncate 100000 --name ur_model.vectors

Train the model

Now run the command to train the tagger and parser for Urdu language.

spacy project run all

It will train the tagger and parser model on cpu. You can specify gpu in project.yml file.

Install the model

After training, you can install and use the model.

pip install ur_model-0.0.0.tar.gz 

There is a script on how to use the model.


View Github