Spooky Castle Project

Here is a repository where I have placed a few workflow scripts that could be used to automate the blender to godot sprite pipeline. I will be posting my workflow scripts here for the video series I am creating on my youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/aft83fjpINI

I am recreating my own version of the game spooky castle from 1997 in the Godot game engine.

Included in the files is a blender script that renders and rotates our character model. Make sure the character is facing the UpLeft (10:30 on a clock) and the armeture is selected before you run the script.

The executer script in the file is intended to run both the tilesheet creator script and the parser script running theses will create a .tscn scene externally in the folder you specify with the animations collected from our blender script. The parser is still being worked on but functions well enough to save people some time.


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