SSH self-spreading worm

This is self-spreading worm through SSH. Warning its ILLEGAL in most of countries. Educational uses only. It takes 4 steps.

#Step 1

Scanning random ips with port 22 to check is there any SSH. It is done by nmap.

#Step 2

Ips from step 1, which have already been verified, attacked by bruteforce. It is done by hydra.

#Step 3

Credentials from step 2 needed to be verifed again, because hydra causes a lot of false positive results. They should be checked at this step.

#Step 4

Copy itself to new machine through SSH. Attacking speed grow linear.

Development of this program now under step 2.

#How to start

It is easy for use. Use install.sh to install dependencies and then just run main.py

#Also TODO

Normal logging system. Transfer data through redis. Genetic algorithm.


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