Django Starter Template


Django Starter is a simple Skeleton to start with a Django project.



(click each one for install guide)

Setup Process

  1. Clone the git: git clone

  2. Go into the new directory: cd django_starter

  3. Install the required dependencies.

    • Install Dependencies Using Pip

      • Run pip install -r requirements.txt, this will install all the required dependencies.

        Please choose to (w)ipe if asked for this:

        The plan is to install the git repository
        What to do?  (i)gnore, (w)ipe, (b)ackup
    • Install Dependencies Using Poetry

      • Run poetry install, this will install all the required dependencies.
    ![N:B: Replace `python` with `poetry run python` if using poetry. For example: `poetry run python runserver`]
  4. Create a .env file and provide required environment variables using the template .env.example or run python utils/ to automatically generate the .env file.

  5. Run python makemigrations and python migrate, this will create the database tables

  6. Run python collectstatic, this will collect all static files

  7. Run python runserver
    this should start the project on port 8000.

  8. Open the app on browser by navigating the url


  • Easy Installation
  • Standard Project Structure
  • Example Landing Page using Bootstrap 5
  • Setup script
  • Dockerized
  • I18N Support



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