SearchifyX, predecessor to Searchify, is a fast Quizlet, Quizizz, and Brainly webscraper with various stealth features.

SearchifyX in action

in action



Running from source code

Install the Python 3.8 dependencies:

python -m pip install requirements.txt

You also need to download tesseract-ocr and extract it to the root directory to use the OCR tool.

CLI usage

An alternative for Linux/Mac OS users is to use as a CLI tool.

Usage: [-h] [--query QUERY] [--output OUTPUT] [--sites SITES]

Required arguments:

--query QUERY, -q QUERY
                      query to search for

Optional arguments:

-h, --help            show this help message and exit

--output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                      output file (optional)
--sites SITES, -s SITES
                      question sources quizlet,quizizz,brainly (comma seperated list)

What it does

  • Searches Bing for Quizlet, Quizizz, and Brainly results

  • Sort results by how similar the identified question is to the input question

  • Various different options for input for stealthy use

Stealth options

  • Prevent window switching

  • Customizable global hotkeys

    • Hide/show window hotkey

    • OCR & search hotkey

    • Paste & search hotkey

    • Quickly change window opacity hotkey

  • Change window opacity (slider in title bar)

  • Option to not show in taskbar

Window switching safety lock

Many websites can detect when the window focus is lost. SearchifyX includes features such as hotkeys and a window switching safety lock to prevent websites from knowing your are using a differenty window.

Note: The text search bar does not work when the Window switch safety lock is enabled. It is designed to be used with the OCR tool and Paste & Search tool.

Here is a demo website that turns black when the window is out of focus:

window safety lock


Dark theme

dark mode

Light theme

light mode

Settings page



The purpose of this program is to provide an example of asynchronous webscraping and data gathering in Python. I am not in any way attempting to promote cheating, and I am not responsible for any misuse of this tool. This tool was created strictly for educational purposes only.