Lollo’s auto-ultimate script

Are you tired of your low elo friend who can’t ult you with soraka when you ask for it?

Use Useless Support and just ult yourself.


How to install

  • Download or clone the repository
  • Teammates have to bind a key on their keyboard
  • Connect the application to your soraka friend
  • Done! Everytime you press that key, your soraka will ult

How to get started

  • You have to be in the same LAN (You can simulate it downloading Hamachi)
  • Soraka has to start script
  • All other players have to start script


This software is released under the MIT license. Feel free to browse through the code as you like, and if you end up making any improvements or changes, please do not hesitate to make a pull request. 🙂

🛠️ For any technical problem please visit troubleshooting page

⚠️ This app is not registered to Riot Games, use it at your own risk


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