Stopmagic gives you the power of creating amazing Stop Motion animations faster and easier than ever before. This project is maintained by Aldrin Mathew.

This is a revival of the Keymesh addon developed by Pablo Dobarro, and the Animation Testing for Keymesh was done by Daniel Martinez Lara.


Frame Skipping

Artists can now seamlessly skip frames forwards or backwards and add a keyframe to do stop motion poses easily. You can change the number of frames to be skipped and also disable adding keyframe automatically, if required.

Shortcuts for faster workflows

  • Ctrl Shift A adds a Keyframe to the current active mesh and frame.
  • Ctrl Shift Z skips frames backward, and adds keyframe if chosen
  • Ctrl Shift X skips frames forward, and adds keyframe if chosen

All of these shortcuts can be customized if required.

Initializing Frame Handler

Whenever the addon stops working, use this button to initialize the frame handler.

Purge Unused Data

Unused mesh data can be purged to save space and remove clutter


Visit: Keymesh Launch Video to see a demonstration and tutorial by Daniel Martinez Lara.