stream comments, submissions from subreddits and users across reddit right in your terminal

Alert! : Can’t watch media contents(photos, videos, GIFs) in ur terminal. Its more developer centric so u get the id of every submission & post. You can google the id for watching the media content.




open your terminal, select the directory u want this repo to be installed then paste the following commands:

git clone
cd reddit_from_terminal
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • You need to have a reddit account
    • Go to this link.
    • scroll to the bottom and click create app
      • select web app
      • give name, description of ur choice
      • u can find ur id & secret there.
  • Create a new file .env in the same directory u installed this repo
  • Then write ur id, secret as following

id = "xxxxxxx"
secret = "xxxxxxx"
  • Replace the xxxxxxx with ur id & secret
  • Save the file and u r all set.

How to run:


You can update the repo with the following command(in case I update this repo in future)

git pull


If u have any idea to make this repo better u r most welcome to create any pull request ?


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