Stream-Cli application that allow you to play your favorite movies from the terminal.


  • First let’s install nodejs and npm in the machine.
    it depends on your distro .

    • Archlinux: sudo pacman -S nodejs npm
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt install nodejs npm
    • Fedora: sudo dnf install nodejs npm
  • Install webtorrent.
    npm install webtorrent-cli -g

  • Make sure that you have MPV media player installed

    • Archlinux: sudo pacman -S mpv
    • Fedora: sudo dnf mpv
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt install mpv
  • Stream-cli is builted with python 3.8 make sure to have the same version or higher:
    python --version

  • Download the Github Repo.
    git clone ~/.stream-cli

  • First you need to install the python requirements.
    pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Add the run permission to the file.
    sudo chmod +x ~/.stream-cli/stream-cli

  • Add an alias to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc

    • bash : echo "alias stream-cli='~/.stream-cli/stream-cli'" >> ~/.bashrc
    • zsh: echo "alias stream-cli='~/.stream-cli/stream-cli'" >> ~/.zshrc

How it works:

  • Run from the command line stream-cli
  • Type the movie that you want to watch
  • Select the choosen one and type the episode number
  • Bring Some Popcorn, Enjoy?


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