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Structured, dependable legos for starknet development.

Directory Structure

├─ defi
   ├─ StakingRewards"Flexible, stripped staking rewards measured by blocks"
├─ interfaces
   ├─ IAccount"Account Interface"
   ├─ IERC20"ERC20 Contract Interface"
   ├─ IERC721"ERC721 Contract Interface"
├─ tokens
   ├─ ERC20"Modern and gas efficient ERC20 + EIP-2612 implementation"
   ├─ ERC721"Modern and gas efficient ERC721 + EIP-2612 implementation"
├─ utils
   ├─ Account"Stripped account"
   ├─ Ownable"Minimal, ownable contract instance"
   ├─ Context"Port of OZ's Solidity Context Abstraction"
   ├─ Pausible"Pausible Solidity Functionality"
├─ test_StakingRewards — "Flexible, stripped staking rewards measured by blocks"
├─ test_ERC20 - "Test ERC20 contract"
├─ test_ERC721 - "Test ERC721 contract"
├─ test_Ownable - "Test Ownable contract"


First time?

Further installation instructions provided in the cairo-lang docs

Before installing Cairo on your machine, you need to install gmp:

sudo apt install -y libgmp3-dev # linux
brew install gmp # mac

If you have any troubles installing gmp on your Apple M1 computer, here’s a list of potential solutions.

For VSCode support:

Download cairo-0.6.2.vsix from

And run:

code --install-extension cairo-0.6.2.vsix

Set up the project

Clone the repository

git clone [email protected]:a5f9t4/cairomate.git

cd into it and create a Python virtual environment:

cd cairomate
python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate

Install the Nile dev environment and then run install to get the Cairo language, a local network, and a testing framework.

pip3 install cairo-nile
nile install


Compile the contracts

nile compile

Run tests


Extending Cairo contracts

There’s no clear contract extensibility pattern for Cairo smart contracts yet. In the meantime the best way to extend our contracts is copypasting and modifying them at your own risk. Remember this contracts are still under development and they have not gone through any audit or security review whatsoever.


Big thanks to:


This project is still in a very early and experimental phase. It has never been audited nor thoroughly reviewed for security vulnerabilities. Do not use in production.

Please report any security issues you find by opening up an issue in this reposisitory.


Cairomate Contracts are released under the AGPL-3.0-only.


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