Group Members

  1. 19BCE183 – Patel Sarthak
  2. 19BCE195 – Patel Jinil
  3. 19BCE220 – Rana Yash

Project Description

In our project Student Management System has Following features:

  1. Student Login: The username of the student will be his Roll No and password will be his
    Phone number.
  • Attendance Generator: which displays the attendance of the students.
  • Fee Status Checker: which displays the Fee status of the student i.e., Paid, Unpaid, and
  • ID card: This displays the ID-Card of the student with unique Barcode.
  • Marksheet: This displays the Marksheet of the Student and displays Grades respectively.
  • Exit: This will return to the main Homepage of the Student Management System.

  1. Employee Login: The username will be 12345 and Password admin.

    (Note: this username and password are just taken as sample)
  • Manage Marks: Which manages the Marks of the Student i.e.
    (Allows the employee to edit the marks).
  • Manage Attendance: Which handles the attendance of all the Students.
  • Manage Fee Status: Which handles the Fee status of the Student.
  • Register Student: Which register the new student and also creates his ID-Card.
  • Exit: Which exits from the Employee System.


Installing tkinter using the following command.

pip install tk
import tkinter as tk

Installing PIL.

pip install pillow
import PIL

Importing Sqlite3.

pip install pysqlite3
import sqlite3

Installing Qrcode.

pip install qrcode
import qrcode

Running the files:

  1. To run the Student Management System, we have to first run which opens
    the home page showing two Login features: Student and Employee.

  1. Let’s first understand the features of faculty side, here we have set only one id-password
    for faculty.

Note: You can set it by opening database in command prompt and insert value by sql query.
Here, default id is “12345” and password is “admin”.

  1. If the password entered is incorrect which is not in database of employee table, then error
    will be displayed as below:

  1. After entering correct password as given above, you will have a Menu containing 5 items as
  1. Manage Student data.
  2. Manage Attendance.
  3. Manage Marks.
  4. Manage Fee Marks.
  5. Exit

  1. Click the Manage Student, and you will have screen as below where you can add, delete and
    update the data of any student with the details containing roll number, name, gender, email,
    phone and address, etc. You can also search the data by name, roll number, etc in the tree view.

  1. Click the back button and go to the Manage Attendance page where you have to enter the roll
    number in the text box and click the Check it button after that you can enter the attendance of
    that student by one radio button, which contains value of present and absent, then click ok
    after entering your choice.

  1. If you enter the roll number incorrectly, then you will a below screen:

  1. Click the back button and go to the Manage Marks where you can manage the marks of 6 subjects
    which are pre-defined as DC, DSA, OOPS, DM, POE, etc. It will add all the marks in database of

  1. Click the back button and go to the managing fees status where you will have to enter the
    roll number of a student. If, it is present in data, you can enter his fees status and click the
    ok button.

  1. On clicking the exit button, you will be on the screen where you have started named as
    HomePage, where you can get two choices as student and faculty.

  1. Click on the student, enter password and id where password will be your registered phone
    number while filling out the form.

  1. If the entered student roll number is not present in the database, then the following screen
    will be shown:

  1. On entering the correct details of the student, the menu of that respective student will be
    opened, where the options are available as follows:
  1. Generate ID Card.
  2. Show Attendance.
  3. Show Marksheet.
  4. Show Fee Status.
  5. Exit.

  1. Click, the Generate Id Card, where ID Card will be generated for that respective student for
    which you have logged in.

  1. Click the back button, go to Show Attendance where you can check your attendance entered by
    the faculty.

  1. Click the back button, and go to the marksheet menu, where the student can get his/her
    marksheet as per the given marks by the faculty.

  1. If the student is failed in any of the subject, then he will have red coloured marks, and
    even the total grade will be IF as shown in marksheet.

  1. Here, fees details will be shown to the student as per the details shown below. We have also
    attached the functionality to check if the fees details are not entered by the faculty, then it
    will show the message that “Fees details are not available”.


Thus, this is the python based GUI project which shows the functionality of student
management system developed with the help of tkinter, PIL, sqlite3 and qrcode.


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