Minimal Podcasts Player

Subscribe, listen and (in the future) download your favorite podcasts, quickly and easily.

Available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Licensed under GNU/GPL3 or higher.

Note: this project is still under development, so some features are not yet available or complete.


From source code:

  • Clone the repo, download the zip under Code -> Download ZIP or download the last release.

  • Open a terminal and go to the project folder.

  • Install the dependencies:

    • From PIP (with administration permissions): pip install -r requirements.txt

    • Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/MX Linux:

      • apt: apt install python3-pyqt5, python3-pyqt5.qtmultimedia, libqt5multimedia5, libqt5multimedia5-plugins
      • Pypi: pip3 install podcastparser
    • Arch Linux/Manjaro:

      • pacman: python-pip python-podcastparser python-pyqt5 qt5-multimedia
      • Pypi pip install
    • Copy bin/minimal-podcasts-player.desktop to /usr/share/applications

    • Copy bin/minimal-podcasts-player.svg to /usr/share/pixmaps

    • Windows:

      • Install Python, or Conda/Miniconda.
      • Open a terminal (cmd or Poweshell) and execute pip install -r requirements.txt

    Note: if you use Conda/Miniconda, DON'T install the package pyqt from conda and conda-forge repositories, install it from Pypi, since the one installed from them does not include the libraries for multimedia playback.

From Pypi:

pip install minimal-podcasts-player


You can download a AppImage for GNU/Linux and executable for Windows on releases page

If you use Arch Linux, Manjaro or other Arch based distros a package is avaliable on AUR