Super simple bar charts for django admin list views visualizing the number of objects based on date_hierarchy using Chart.js.

This package serves as a ready-made drop-in solution with Chart.js included. This way you can super-charge your django admin with date-based bar charts in less than a minute ?


Example 1: Django admin list charts on with bright theme

Example 1: Django admin list charts on with dark theme


  • Django>=3.0


  1. Install Django admin list charts from PyPI by using pip:

    pip install django-admin-list-charts

  2. Add 'admin_list_charts' entry to Django INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  3. Sprinkle some ListChartMixin over every admin class where you want to display charts in the admin list view. For example:

    from admin_list_charts.admin import ListChartMixin
    class FooAdmin(ListChartMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):
	    date_hierarchy = 'created'
  1. Done!


This rather pragmatic solution was heavily inspired by the work of Dani Hodovic (see


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