It is a common requirement to have superset running under a base url, ( instead of I created the script to add “/analytics” prefix to all python and js codes. The script is tested with Superset 1.3.2


How to run

Build and run docker containers

docker-compose up --build --force-recreate

Exec to to the running superset container

docker exec -it superset-custom-path_superset_1 bash

# Initialize the database
superset db upgrade

# Create an admin user (you will be prompted to set a username, first and last name before setting a password)
superset fab create-admin

# Optional step. Load some data to play with (it requires few minutes and ~80 mbytes of disk space)
superset load_examples

# Create default roles and permissions
superset init

Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser

Optional step. Connect to the demo ClickHouse dataset
Data -> Databases -> +Database

Find ClickHouse database in the select box, paste SQL Alchemy URI:

clickhouse+native://demo:[email protected]/default?secure=true

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