Tool to synchronize data to a slow device, e.g. a smartphone which is connected over MTP. A state file (.mtp_sync_state.json) is created in the destination folder containing the time stamps of the synchronized files.


Python3.6 or newer is necessary.

ntlib.imp from here is used to set a basic log config. It is not necessary, just remove the import statement and ntimp.config_log if you do not want to download ntlib.


Start the script with python [-h] or ./ [-h] for more informations. To find the path where your OS mounts mtp devices, search the internet.


I developed this script to send music to my smartphone. Since this is connected using MTP it does not support time stamps. Therefore rsync has some problems. I also tested other programs, but none of them satisfied me.

For the first synchronization (or if some data is already synchronized) you may want to call the script with options --size-only --write-state.


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