Synthesia but open source, made in python and free presetntation

Requirements are in requirements.txt If you struggle with installation of pyaudio, run :
pip install pipwin
pipwin install pyaudio
(run main.pyw to launch PyPiano, change extention to .py to see the debug console)

Commands :

Left click :

  • click and drag to create a tile on a note
  • click on side of a tile to edit the length of this tile
  • click and drag the tile to move it

Right click :

  • click on a tile to delete it

Arrows :

  • Arrow up with mouse cursor on a note to increase his strength (1-16)
  • Arrow down with mouse cursor on a note to decrease his strength (1-16)

Scroll :

  • Scroll with mouse wheel on the upper part to scroll it (you can also use the scrollbar at the right). There is a ruler that helps you to figure out at what time you are
  • Scroll with the mouse wheel / scroll bar on the lower part to scroll the piano notes

Menu bar :

  • Exit : exit the app
  • Load : Load a saved pypiano file
  • Save : Save your current piano music
  • Export : Export your music as a wave file
  • Play : Play your music (begins at the location you’re at)

Hope you’ll have fun with PyPiano, I spent a lot of time on it

Any review is welcome, I’ll be glad to fix errors or to add features through the issues section !
Cheers, Dacapo


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