A Table of Contents extension for JupyterLab. This auto-generates a table of contents in the left area when you have a notebook or markdown document open. The entries are clickable, and scroll the document to the heading in question.

Here is an animation showing the extension's use, with a notebook from the Python Data Science Handbook:



  • JupyterLab v0.33


jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/toc


For a development install, do the following in the repository directory:

jlpm install
jlpm run build
jupyter labextension install .

You can then run JupyterLab in watch mode to automatically pick up changes to @jupyterlab/toc.
Open a terminal in the @jupyterlab/toc repository directory and enter

jlpm run watch

Then launch JupyterLab using

jupyter lab --watch

This will automatically recompile @jupyterlab/toc upon changes,
and JupyterLab will rebuild itself. You should then be able to refresh the
page and see your changes.