Visa slot bot

I created this bot to getnotified when screenshots are available in the Telegram channel for dropbox appointments.

How do I use this?

  1. Check python version (I used 3.9.7)
    python3 --version

  2. Create a new telegram bot. To do this, you need to message BotFather with a /newbot command. This will ask you for a name, and finally output an API token that looks like 3434434:AAFCCergqwe4KEWpHvO8jkvvw4JWG2A. It is in the api_id:api_hash format. Keep this token handy

  3. In the python script add values for api_hash and api_id. From step #2

  4. Create a new telegram channel. Take a note of the username, and add it to the python script for YOUR CHANNEL HERE placeholder. This is where you will get screenshots forwarded to.

  5. Run the python script by typing python3 You will now get MacOS notification when a screenshot is available on the Dropbox channel with slots available.

  6. Keep script running. Install Telegram app on desktop. As soon as you get notification, start booking and dont give up.

All the best, dont loose hope!!


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