Telegram Video Player Bot

Telegram bot project for streaming video on telegram video chat, powered by tgcalls and pyrogram

Deploy to Heroku

The easy way to host this bot

Deploy On Railway


Setting Up— :

  • 1.) first, add me to your group.
  • 2.) then promote me as admin and give all permissions except anonymous admin.
  • 3.) add @dihanofficialvcplayerbot to your group.
  • 4.) turn on the voice chat first before start to stream video.
  • 5.) type /vplay (reply to video) to start streaming.
  • 6.) type /stop to end the video streaming.

VPS Deployment

- sudo apt update && ugrade -y
- sudo apt install python3-pip -y virtualenv
- sudo apt install ffmpeg -y
- git clone  #Clone your repo.
- cd video-stream
- virtualenv env #Create Virtual Environment.
- source env/bin/activate #Activate Virtual Environment
- pip3 install --upgrade pip
- pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
- sudo nano #Fill it with your variables value.
- python3 -m bot