Telegram Bot Repo Capable of fetching the following Info via Anilist API inspired from AniFluid and Nepgear

  • Anime
  • Airing
  • Manga
  • Character
  • Scheduled
  • Top animes
  • Favourites
  • Anilist Activity
  • Update Anilist entry using bot
  • Popular, trending and upcoming animes for a season
  • Random anime quotes
  • Anime fillers from animefillerslist
  • Anime Airing notifications from LiveChart
  • Anime Headlines from LiveChart
  • Anime release notifications for Crunchyroll
  • Anime release notifications for Subsplease
  • Anime Reverse Search Powered by tracemoepy
  • Watch Order from Chiaki using web api

Also can add to grps and enable sfw lock to prevent members from looking up hentai and 18+ rated stuff
Also includes command disabling



Available Cmds

 /help - Get interactive and detailed help on bot cmds
 /ping - Ping the bot to check if it's online
 /start - To start bot in group (will be logged) or pm (user if not OWNER will be logged)
 /anime - Fetches info on single anime (includes buttons to look up for prequels and sequels)
 /anilist - Fetches info on multiple possible animes related to query
 /character - Fetches info on multiple possible characters related to query
 /manga - Fetches info on multiple possible mangas related to query
 /airing - Fetches info on airing data for anime
 /flex - Fetches anilist info of an authorised user
 /user - Fetches anilist info as per query
 /schedule - Fetches scheduled animes
 /auth - Fetches info on how to authorize anilist account
 /browse - get popular, trending or upcoming animes
 /quote - get random quotes
 /logout - removes authorization
 /settings - To toggle nsfw lock and airing notifications in groups
 /top - to retrieve top animes for a genre or tag
 /reverse - Reverse search powered by tracemoepy
 /watch - Fetches watch order for anime series
 /feedback - contact bot owner or main support grp at @Alvin_Image_Editor_Group
 /me or /activity - Get Anilist recent activity
 /fillers - To get list of anime fillers
 /disable - To disable a command in group
 /enable - To enable a command in group
 /disabled - To list disabled commands in a group
 /favourites - Get Anilist favourites
 /gettags - Get list of available Tags
 /getgenres - Get list of available Genres

Owner/Sudo Cmds

 /eval - Runs python code (code must start right after cmd like "/eval print('UwU')")
 /term - Runs the code in terminal
 /stats - Gibs data on bot such as no. of grps/users and ping
 /dbcleanup - Cleans useless entries in database

How to host


For improvements PR or contact @erosei_1 or @Alvin_Image_Editor_Group
Can ask for support too but don’t expect much (since i myself am learning yet)


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