Channel Auto-Post Bot

This bot can send all new messages from one channel, directly to another channel (or group, just in case), without the forwarded tag!

Setting up

  • First:

APP_ID and API_HASH – Get it from
BOT_TOKEN – Get it from @BotFather
FROM_CHANNEL – The ID of the main channel from where posts have to be copied. (Use @chnlidbot to get it.)
TO_CHANNEL – The ID of the channel to which the posts are to be sent. (Use @chnlidbot to get it.)

  • Chose a platform to deploy on:

Add the above values to the environment vars and deploy the bot.

Local Deploys

– Clone the repo: git clone

– Make a .env file in the root of the repo, like .env.sample and fill in the values.

– Use python3 to start the bot.


Add the bot to both channels with admin permission, and thats it! All new messages will be auto-posted!!

Visit @TeamCyphers for help.


Lonami, for Telethon.
xditya, me.
@ettan_fan, for the whole idea.