Tok Mate Bot

Tokmate – Telegram Bot to download TikTok videos


  • Superfast and supports all type of TikTok links
  • Download any TikTok videos without matermark
  • Cache the videos so that future requests for that video can be served faster
  • Inline support


For any TikTok videos the bot uploads, the TikTok URL of that video and the video_file_id (File Id of the video in the Telegram server) are stored in the database so that any future requests for that video can be served faster.

These data will not be associated with any users and the video is already public in the TikTok. So, the bot does not affect your privacy.

The TikTok Url and the video_file_id of the video requested from the inline query is not stored in the database.


The bot relies on a third part website to get the video links which is not opensourced. So, you cannot deploy the bot on your own.


Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

Made for fun in Python
by Hemanta Pokharel [




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