Telegram bot to stream videos in telegram voicechat for both groups and channels. Supports live steams, YouTube videos and telegram media.


See Variables

Pre Requisites

Recommended Optional Vars

  1. DATABASE_URI: MongoDB database Url, get from mongodb. This is an optional var, but it is recomonded to use this to experiance the full features.
  2. HEROKU_API_KEY: Your heroku api key. Get one from here
  3. HEROKU_APP_NAME: Your heroku apps name.
  4. FILTERS: Filter the search for channel play. Channel play means you can play all the files in a purticular channel using /cplay command. Current filters are video document . For searching audio files use video document audio . for video only search , use video and so on.

Optional Vars

  1. LOG_GROUP : Group to send Playlist, if CHAT is a Group()
  2. ADMINS : ID of users who can use admin commands.
  3. STARTUP_STREAM : This will be streamed on startups and restarts of bot. You can use either any STREAM_URL or a direct link of any video or a Youtube Live link. You can also use YouTube Playlist.Find a Telegram Link for your playlist from PlayList Extract. The PlayList link should in form
  4. REPLY_MESSAGE : A reply to those who message the USER account in PM. Leave it blank if you do not need this feature. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  5. ADMIN_ONLY : Pass True If you want to make /play command only for admins of CHAT. By default /play is available for all.(Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  6. DATABASE_NAME: Database name for your mongodb database.
  7. SHUFFLE : Make it False if you dont want to shuffle playlists. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  8. EDIT_TITLE : Make it False if you do not want the bot to edit video chat title according to playing song. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  9. RECORDING_DUMP : A Channel ID with the USER account as admin, to dump video chat recordings.
  10. RECORDING_TITLE: A custom title for your videochat recordings.
  11. TIME_ZONE : Time Zone of your country, by default IST
  12. IS_VIDEO_RECORD : Make it False if you do not want to record video, and only audio will be recorded.(Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  13. IS_LOOP ; Make it False if you do not want 24 / 7 Video Chat. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  14. IS_VIDEO : Make it False if you want to use the player as a musicplayer without video. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  15. PORTRAIT: Make it True if you want the video recording in portrait mode. (Configurable through bot if mongodb added.)
  16. DELAY : Choose the time limit for commands deletion. 10 sec by default.
  17. QUALITY : Customize the quality of video chat, use one of high, medium, low .
  18. BITRATE : Bitrate of audio (Not recommended to change).
  19. FPS : Fps of video to be played (Not recommended to change.)


  • Python 3.8 or Higher.
  • FFMpeg.

Deploy to Heroku


Deploy to VPS

git clone
cd VCPlayerBot
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# <Create Variables appropriately (.env [optional])>


  • Playlist, queue.
  • Zero downtime in playing.
  • Supports Video Recording.
  • Supports Scheduling voicechats.
  • Cool UI for controling the player.
  • Customizabe to audio or video.
  • Custom quality for video chats.
  • Supports Play from Youtube Playlist.
  • Change VoiceChat title to current playing song name.
  • Supports Live streaming from youtube
  • Play from telegram file supported.
  • Starts Radio after if no songs in playlist.
  • Automatic restart even if heroku restarts. (Configurable)
  • Support exporting and importing playlist.




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