Calls Music

Calls Music — Telegram bot + userbot for streaming audio in group calls.

✍? Requirements

  • FFmpeg
  • Python 3.7+

? Deployment

? Configuration

  1. Copy example.env to .env and fill it with your credentials.
  2. Install Python requirements:
    pip install -U -r requirements.txt
  3. Run:
    python -m callsmusic

? Docker

  1. Build:
    docker build -t musicplayer .
  2. Run:
    docker run --env-file .env musicplayer

? Heroku


ℹ️ Commands

Command Description
/play play the replied audio file or YouTube video
/pause pause the audio stream
/resume resume the audio stream
/skip skip the current audio stream
/mute mute the userbot
/unmute unmute the userbot
/stop clear the queue and remove the userbot from the call