Add your telegram bot api key in and you are good to go

To get a api key Goto telegram and search BotFather

From the commands select /newbot and give it a name and you’re done

Now added webhook to make the bot little bit faster if it has more traffic

To use webhook version

  1. Create a webhook with link below{ your api key }/setwebhook?url=https://{ your heroku app name }

when you see webhook was set message when you open the link then you succesfully setup the webhook

go to and add your api key and your heroku app name at line 76

2.To make it run on heroku without webhook the Procfile should be

 worker: python

3.To use webhook version change your Procfile to

 web: python 

then type this command in your heroku cli if you encounter any error in logs

 heroku ps:scale web=1 -a your_heroku_app_name