Telegram Voice-Chat Bot

Telegram Voice-Chat Bot To Play Music From Various Sources In Your Group


  1. All linux based os.
  2. Windows
  3. Mac



  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • A Telegram bot token
  • Bot needs to be admin in the chat, atleast give message delete permissions.
  • Install mpv with

pkg install mpv – for Android, sudo apt-get install mpv – for ubuntu, sudo pacman -S mpv – for ArchLinux, I use arch btw


  1. git clone, to download the source code.
  2. cd Telegram_VC_Bot, to enter the directory.
  3. pip3 install -r requirements.txt, to install the requirements.
  4. cp
  5. Edit with your own values.
  6. If you are on linux follow this instruction to set up vnc. If you are using windows you can skip this step.
  7. Download Telegram desktop from , Log in using your second account, and connect to the voice chat in your group.
  8. Follow This to route your PC or Server’s audio output to audio input. [For Linux]
  9. If you’re on windows, Follow This or install Virtual Audio Cable instead.
  10. Run the bot python3
  11. Open Telegram and start voice chat.
  12. Send commads to bot to play music.

Watch The Video Tutorial if you still can’t do this

How to deploy the Telegram Voice Chat Bot on VPS using Ubuntu/Debian


Command Description
/start To Start The bot.
/help To Show This Message.
/ping To Ping All Datacenters Of Telegram.
/end To Stop Any Playing Music (only works for current user playing and to Admins).
/jiosaavn <song_name> To Play A Song From Jiosaavn.
/youtube <song_name> or <song_link> To Search For A Song And Play The Top-Most Song Or Play With A Link.
/playlist <youtube_playlist_url> To Play A Playlist From Youtube.
/telegram To Play A Song Directly From Telegram File.
/radio To Play Radio Continuosly.
/users To Get A List Of Blacklisted Users.
/deezer To Play A Song From Deezer.
Admin Commands:
/black To Blacklist A User.
/white To Whitelist A User.


  1. More services will be added soon.
  2. Termux is not completely supported yet, might take a week or two.
  3. If you want any help you can ask here


  1. [For JioSaavnAPI]