Template for creating PyPI project

Hello there!

This is a template for creating a PyPI project.
Fork or clone this and start coding right away!
You may change this README.md to stuff about your soon-to-be package!
This file will automatically be used to provide a description for PyPI.


  • In PyPI:
    • Go to https://pypi.org/ and log in
    • Go to the “Account settings” tab
    • Scroll down till you reach “API tokens”
    • Add a new API token with your project name as the token name
    • Choose “Entire account (all projects)” scope
      • This is done since the project still is not created
        • The action will create it automatically
    • Click “Add token” and save it somewhere safe
  • In GitHub repository:
    • Go to the “Settings” tab
    • Next, go to the “Secrets” side tab
    • Click “New repository secret”
    • (IMPORTANT) Set name to “PYPI_API_TOKEN”
    • Set value to your API token you got earlier
    • Click “Add secret”

What to do:

  • Change file/directory name import_name with the package import name
  • Add your code inside import_name/ directory
  • Add dependencies separated by newlines in requirements.txt
  • Modify setup.py to your needs
  • Optional:
    • Add ignored files/directories in .gitignore
    • Change license

How to make new PyPI releases?

  • (IMPORTANT) Increment version in setup.py
  • Make a new release in GitHub with same tag as version
  • The action will automatically publish a new PyPI release for you!


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