Temporal Difference Learning for Model Predictive Control

Original PyTorch implementation of TD-MPC from

Temporal Difference Learning for Model Predictive Control by

Nicklas Hansen, Xiaolong Wang*, Hao Su*



TD-MPC is a framework for model predictive control (MPC) using a Task-Oriented Latent Dynamics (TOLD) model and a terminal value function learned jointly by temporal difference (TD) learning. TD-MPC plans actions entirely in latent space using the TOLD model, which learns compact task-centric representations from either state or image inputs. TD-MPC solves challenging Humanoid and Dog locomotion tasks in 1M environment steps.


If you use our method or code in your research, please consider citing the paper as follows:

	title={Temporal Difference Learning for Model Predictive Control},
	author={Nicklas Hansen and Xiaolong Wang and Hao Su},


Assuming that you already have MuJoCo installed, install dependencies using conda:

conda env create -f environment.yaml
conda activate tdmpc

After installing dependencies, you can train an agent by calling

python src/train.py task=dog-run

Evaluation videos and model weights can be saved with arguments save_video=True and save_model=True. Refer to the cfgs directory for a full list of options and default hyperparameters, and see tasks.txt for a list of supported tasks. We also provide results for all 23 DMControl tasks in the results directory.

The training script supports both local logging as well as cloud-based logging with Weights & Biases. To use W&B, provide a key by setting the environment variable WANDB_API_KEY=<YOUR_KEY> and add your W&B project and entity details to cfgs/default.yaml.

License & Acknowledgements

TD-MPC is licensed under the MIT license. MuJoCo and DeepMind Control Suite are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. We thank the DrQv2 authors for their implementation of DMControl wrappers.


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