This repository iimplements Barlow Twins (Barlow Twins: Self-Supervised Learning via Redundancy Reduction) in TensorFlow and demonstrates it on the CIFAR10 dataset.


With a ResNet20 as a trunk and a 3-layer MLP (each layer containing 2048 units) and 100 epochs of pre-training, this training notebook can give 62.61% accuracy on the CIFAR10 test set. The pre-training total takes ~23 minutes on a single Tesla V100. There are minor differences from the original implementation. However, the original loss function and the other minor details like having a big enough projection dimension have been maintained.

For details on Barlow Twins, I suggest reading the original paper, it's really well-written.

Loss progress during pre-training


Other notes

  • Pre-trained model is available here.
  • To follow the original implementation details as closely as possible, a WarmUpCosine learning rate schedule has been used during pre-training:
  • During linear evaluation, Cosine Decay has been used.


Thanks to St├ęphane Deny (one of the authors of the paper) for helping me catch a pesky bug.