pybbsterm: Terminal emulator for calling BBSs.

The Quantum Wormhole screenshot

Use cases (non-exhaustive)

  • Explore terminal protocols.
  • Connect to BBSs.


  • Python 3.8+ code.
  • Built with pygame.
  • Targets ANSI-BBS compatibility.
    • Already has great compatibility with a range of BBSs.
  • cp437 translation.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
    • EndpointTCP connects the terminal to a remote host:port.
      • Call internet-exposed BBSs.
    • EndpointReplay allows for playing stored logs.
      • Useful for debugging.
    • EndpointSerial attaches terminal to a serial port.
      • Null-modem direct connections.
      • Interface with modems, call remote computers.
      • Requires pySerial.
  • Terminal font is settable.
  • Multiple color schemes.
  • Easy to use.
  • MIT License. See LICENSE file.


  • Ensure Python 3.8+, pygame 2.0+, pySerial 3.1+ are installed.
  • Run -h for verbose usage help.
  • Run -t to connect to The Quantum Wormhole.
  • Run --scheme help for list of available color schemes.
  • Use of bitmap fonts is recommended.
    • Open Type Bitmap (.otb) fonts preferred
    • A good set is oldschool-pc-fonts found at:
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Alt-x will exit.
    • PrtScn and Shift-F12 will start/finish capture of incoming bytes into file.
    • Control +/- will integer-scale the output window.
    • Shift-Esc will close connection.
    • Shift-F1 to Shift-F4 will call functions specific to the endpoint.


  • File transfers are not yet implemented.
  • Encoding is always cp437.
  • Keyboard translation is still poor. A hardcoded UK layout is provided.
  • ANSI-BBS specification isn’t yet 100% implemented.


Roc Vallès Domènech


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