Tesla App Update Differences Extractor

Python program that finds the differences between two versions of the Tesla App.
When Tesla updates the app a lot of changes happen unnoticed. This program finds all the added and deleted files, API endpoints as well as the added and deleted text resources.


To use this program, please install the required packages with the following commands:

pip install tk


Download the APK File (not the Bundle File) from APK Mirror and save it on your PC. The tesla apk can be found here: Tesla APK. Do not unpack the file.

Then start the GUI and select the APK File of the older and newer version by running:

python gui.py


The program will create two directories.

  • The unzipped/ directory contains the unzipped apk data. This directory can be deleted after the program finishes. To inspect the added files follow the paths specified in PathDifferences.txt

  • The result directory contains three txt files:

    • ApiDifferences.txt contains all changes to the api calls.+
    • StringDifferences.txt contains all the added and deleted String resources between the two versions
    • PathDifferences contains the paths to all added and deleted files. To inspect a certain element follow the path mentioned in the file. The unzipped apks can be found in the unzipped/ directory. To see deleted files check in the older version, to see newly added file check the newer version.


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