TESSARECT  A Powerful Bot you'll ever need for anything


It is my First bot but very advanced and designed for all your needs , from Moderation to cool Economy Features .

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Some More Badges....

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  • [x] Economy Bot
  • [x] Utility Commands
  • [x] Leveling System
  • [x] Fun Commands
  • [x] Secured
  • [x] Ticket System
  • [x] Translation
  • [ ] Images Commands (Broken due to api errors)
  • [ ] AUTOMOD
  • [ ] Moderator Commands (Under development / testing)
  • [ ] Advanced Economy Features

Cogs (Plugins)

40+ Cogs(plugins) for better experience and more features

Cogs Description
aki Akinator
blackjack Bj !
calc Calculator
Covid Covid Stats
developer For the Developers of Tessarect to control the bot from within Discord
enalevel Toggle Level Commands
Encyrpt ? Code / Decode some secret Messages
Fun and Utility Self Explanatory
Github Search for a github repo /user(user coming soon)
Giveaways I like Giveaways ?
Insult Roast other People
Ip ? I am very Good at computers and ip , check info about any ip in this world
Love Calculator ?
level Levelling Sytem ?
Loan ? Take Loans
Logging ?Keep and Eye on your member's activity
Lottery Another Economy Plugins for buying lottery tickets when there is an event
Madlibs PLay and Test
Mod ? Moderators Commands ( New and under development )
Music ? Listen to some Music Dude
Much MORE 10 + Cogs in the cogs Folder
And Much more cogs hidden for making your experience Better Note : All cogs arent Listed here go to the cogs folder to see all the cogs


People who made Tessarect Possible
GitHub - prakarsh17/tessarect-bot at pythonawesome.com
TESSARECT A Powerful Bot you’ll ever need for anything - GitHub - prakarsh17/tessarect-bot at pythonawesome.com