TDD – Test Driven Development: Obey The Testing Goat (Project)

  • With this project, I aim to show both my interest and familitiarity with testing and development using Python, Selenium, and Django.

  • The book does an amazing job at coaching the reader through the entire TDD process.

  • I have made my own changes where I see fit, and also to make the app my own and not simply a regurgitation of the app presented in the book.

  • The accompanied text entitled: project_journal.txt is just that, a journal of my thought process while completing this project.*

  • None of the code in this repo has been copied and pasted from the book – not a single line.

What is superlists?

Superlists is the name of the app that is being built – it’s a ‘to-do’ list…but super

Disclaimer: This project is a work in progress