This is a pytest plugin, that enables you to test your code that relies on a running MySQL Database. It allows you to specify fixtures for MySQL process and client.


Only MySQL 5.7.6 and up are supported. For older versions, please use pytest-mysql 2.0.3 Although Pull Request to add back support for older MySQL versions are welcome.

How to use

Plugin contains two fixtures

  • mysql - it's a client fixture that has functional scope. After each test drops test database from MySQL ensuring repeatability.
  • mysql_proc - session scoped fixture, that starts MySQL instance at it's first use and stops at the end of the tests.

Simply include one of these fixtures into your tests fixture list.

You can also create additional mysql client and process fixtures if you'd need to:

from pytest_mysql import factories

mysql_my_proc = factories.mysql_proc(
    port=None, logsdir='/tmp')
mysql_my = factories.mysql('mysql_my_proc')


Each MySQL process fixture can be configured in a different way than the others through the fixture factory arguments.


You can define your settings in three ways, it's fixture factory argument, command line option and pytest.ini configuration option. You can pick which you prefer, but remember that these settings are handled in the following order:

  • Fixture factory argument
  • Command line option
  • Configuration option in your pytest.ini file
MySQL option Fixture factory argument Command line option pytest.ini option Default
Path to executable mysqld_exec --mysql-mysqld mysql_mysqld mysqld
Path to safe executable mysqld_safe --mysql-mysqld-safe mysql_mysqld_safe mysqld_safe
Path to mysql_install_db for legacy installations install_db --mysql-install-db mysql_install_db mysql_install_db
Path to Admin executable admin_executable --mysql-admin mysql_admin mysqladmin
host host --mysql-host mysql_host localhost
port port --mysql-port mysql_port random
MySQL user to work with user --mysql-user mysql_user root
User's password passwd --mysql-passwd mysql_passwd
Test database name dbname --mysql-dbname mysqldbname test
Starting parameters params --mysql-params mysql_params
Log directory location logsdir --mysql-logsdir mysql_logsdir $TMPDIR

Example usage:

  • pass it as an argument in your own fixture

    mysql_proc = factories.mysql_proc(
  • use --mysql-port command line option when you run your tests

    py.test tests --mysql-port=8888
  • specify your port as mysql_port in your pytest.ini file.

    To do so, put a line like the following under the [pytest] section of your pytest.ini:

    mysql_port = 8888

Running on Docker/as root

Unfortunately, running MySQL as root (thus by default on docker) is not possible. MySQL (and MariaDB as well) will not allow it.

USER nobody

This line should switch your docker process to run on user nobody. See this comment for example