Sids Package

This is a me testing out putting a package on PyPi

link to package

pip install sidspackage

Colored Text

This is used to print messages with color in terminal
It can also make text bold and underlined


from sidspackage import ColorPrint

cp = ColorPrint()

cp.print(color="blue", text="hi")

# To get a list of colors do:


Pycord Paginator

This is a paginator for pycord.
It takes a list of embeds and makes them paginated with buttons
You will need py-cord installed for this to work


from sidspackage import Paginator

async def func_name(ctx):
    embed1 = discord.Embed(title="Click the arrows", description="To look through the embeds")
    embed2 = discord.Embed(title="Test", description="Lol")
    embed3 = discord.Embed(title="Test", description="Lol")

    ems = [embed1, embed2, embed3]

    view = Paginator(ctx=ctx, ems=ems)

    message = await ctx.send(embed=embed1, view=view)

    # This part is optional but it makes it so that once the button timeouts it will be disabled so you wont get any INTERACTION FAILED errors.
    res = await view.wait()
    if res:
        for i in view.children:
            i.disabled = True
    return await message.edit(view=view)