We shared university first year game coursework.[to gauge previous experience and start brainstorming]
Adapted a particular nuclear fallout theme game.
Seoul 2033

What it does

Text-Based zombie apocalyptic decision-making game.
Programmed in Python.

How we built it

We made a flowchart t
We coded based on Python.
Used github for sharing code and version control.

Challenges we ran into

-We had some problems sharing our code at the beginning.
We used Git on GitHub to share our code. Well updated

-Not everyone knew how to code in python and had some problem with using git
We helped each other by sharing our screens online.

-The GitHub website was not working for a while.
Everyone had their version of the game on their computer and we had saved some of our code on Google Document.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We have a brilliant and bug-free game with a vivid story line.
It has plot-twists and stunning and endings

“Ended world hunger and racism” -Amin
“Brilliant story, smooth gameplay and takes its time” -Minjun
“Better than Zelda” -Frenciel
“The game I never knew I wanted, 5 stars” -Dill

What we learned

-Skills for Python coding
-Time management
-More experience on GitHub
-skills to use Sketchbook

What’s next for Zombie Fallout

General donation about 1million USD
Features that will be added to Zombie Fallout

  • Music and sound effects
  • Pictures!!!
  • More levels and dates
  • Voice acting


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