Transliterator Text Editor

This is a simple transliteration program which is used to convert english word to phonetically matching word in another language.

Tkinter is used for text editor creation and indic-transliteration is used for transliteration function.


  • The system should have python3 installed. Ths system is tested on python 3.8.
  • The system works on linux and Mac. Minor changes may be required to run this on windows OS.
  • The code requires tkinter to be installed in the system

How to use

  • download or clone the repository using command git clone
  • It is recommended to run the code in a separate virtual environment.
  • Add the required packages by the command pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Get into the main folder transliterator_text_editor by cd transliterator_text_editor in terminal.
  • run python3 This will open the text editor in another window.
  • The text editor is self-explanatory.

Text editor image


  • Text editor in which the typed english word will be converted to another language on pressing space or enter key.
  • The text editor has options file save, open, save as, new etc.

Languages Supported

As the program uses the module indic transliterator the languages available in it will be available. Detailed documentation can be found in . The languages are

  1. Devanagari
  2. Gujarati
  3. Gurmukhi
  4. Gondi_Gunjala
  5. Bengali
  6. Oriya
  7. Kannada
  8. Malayalam
  9. Tamil
  10. Grantha
  11. Telugu

Future Scope

  1. Improve learning algorithm
  2. Conversion of an entire file at once, Delete file etc
  3. Add option select all, points, new window etc.


  • Pull requests are welcome. If someone wants to contribute to this project can fork and add the Functionalities.


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