Image Based TFT Bot

TFT Bot that automatically surrenders and allows finishing TFT Passes easily. Please read full file!

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? Requirements

You need to download Python 3 and PyAutoGUI, Time, Win32Api, Win32Con libraries.

? Library Download Guide

Win + R cmd [Enter]:

pip install pyautogui
pip install time
pip install pywin32

? Configure for Yourself

You must replace the image files with your own screenshots for the program to run properly. You can take screenshots with Win + Shift + S or Snipping Tool.
Image names must be same.

  • 0.png = Any image can prove you are loading game (Smaller images be better.)
  • 1.png = “Find match” button
  • 2.png = Any image can prove you are searching for match
  • 3.png = “Accept” button
  • 4.png = Settings button
  • 5.png = Active surrender button (Surrender button being active 10 minutes after match starts.)
  • 6.png = Surrender confirm button
  • 7.png = “Play again” button

? About Future Versions


  1. installation of python and required libraries,
  2. language and resolution detection,

will be added. These are priorities for future versions for ease of use. After these features GUI will be added too.

? License

All code under GNU GPLv3


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