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The admin panel your servers deserve

The admin panel your servers deserve


Ajenti is a Linux & BSD web admin panel.

Feature highlights

Easy installation

Ajenti is installed through your system's package manager. Installation only takes a minute.

Existing configuration

Picks up your current configuration and works on your existing system as-is, without any preparation.


Does not overwrite your config files, options and comments. All changes are non-destructive.

Batteries included

Includes lots of plugins for system and software configuration, monitoring and management.


Ajenti is easily extensible using Python. Plugin development is a quick and pleasant with Ajenti APIs.


Pleasant to look at, satisfying to click and accessible anywhere from tablets and mobile.


Small memory footprint and CPU usage. Runs on low-end machines, wall plugs, routers and so on.


We listen to your feedback and add features in the fast-paces weekly release cycle.