FastAPI Project Template

The base to start an openapi project featuring: SQLModel, Typer, FastAPI, JWT Token Auth, Interactive Shell, Management Commands.

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DO NOT FORK this is meant to be used from Use this template feature.

  1. Click on Use this template
  2. Give a name to your project (e.g. my_awesome_project recommendation is to use all lowercase and underscores separation for repo names.)
  3. Wait until the first run of CI finishes (Github Actions will process the template and commit to your new repo)
  4. If you want codecov Reports and Automatic Release to PyPI On the new repository settings->secrets add your PIPY_API_TOKEN and CODECOV_TOKEN (get the tokens on respective websites)
  5. Read the file
  6. Then clone your new project and happy coding!

NOTE: WAIT until first CI run on github actions before cloning your new project.

What is included on this template?

  • ?️ The base to start an openapi project featuring: SQLModel, Typer, FastAPI, VueJS.
  • ? A basic file to provide installation, packaging and distribution for your project. Template uses setuptools because it’s the de-facto standard for Python packages, you can run make switch-to-poetry later if you want.
  • ? A Makefile with the most useful commands to install, test, lint, format and release your project.
  • ? Documentation structure using mkdocs
  • ? Auto generation of change log using gitchangelog to keep a file automatically based on your commit history on every release.
  • ? A simple Containerfile to build a container image for your project. Containerfile is a more open standard for building container images than Dockerfile, you can use buildah or docker with this file.
  • ? Testing structure using pytest
  • ✅ Code linting using flake8
  • ? Code coverage reports using codecov
  • ?️ Automatic release to PyPI using twine and github actions.
  • ? Entry points to execute your program using python -m or $ fastapi_project_template with basic CLI argument parsing.
  • ? Continuous integration using Github Actions with jobs to lint, test and release your project on Linux, Mac and Windows environments.

Curious about architectural decisions on this template? read If you want to contribute to this template please open an issue or fork and send a PULL REQUEST.

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codecov CI

Awesome fastapi_project_template created by zxenonx


from source

git clone fastapi_project_template
cd fastapi_project_template
make install

from pypi

pip install fastapi_project_template


$ fastapi_project_template run --port 8080


python -m fastapi_project_template run --port 8080


$ uvicorn fastapi_project_template:app


❯ fastapi_project_template --help
Usage: fastapi_project_template [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --install-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Install completion for the specified shell.
  --show-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Show completion for the specified shell, to
                                  copy it or customize the installation.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  create-user  Create user
  run          Run the API server.
  shell        Opens an interactive shell with objects auto imported

Creating a user

❯ fastapi_project_template create-user --help
Usage: fastapi_project_template create-user [OPTIONS] USERNAME PASSWORD

  Create user

  USERNAME  [required]
  PASSWORD  [required]

  --superuser / --no-superuser  [default: no-superuser]

IMPORTANT To create an admin user on the first run:

fastapi_project_template create-user admin admin --superuser

The Shell

You can enter an interactive shell with all the objects imported.

❯ fastapi_project_template shell       
Auto imports: ['app', 'settings', 'User', 'engine', 'cli', 'create_user', 'select', 'session', 'Content']

In [1]: session.query(Content).all()
Out[1]: [Content(text='string', title='string', created_time='2021-09-14T19:25:00.050441', user_id=1, slug='string', id=1, published=False, tags='string')]

In [2]: user = session.get(User, 1)

In [3]: user.contents
Out[3]: [Content(text='string', title='string', created_time='2021-09-14T19:25:00.050441', user_id=1, slug='string', id=1, published=False, tags='string')]


Run with fastapi_project_template run and access

For some api calls you must authenticate using the user created with fastapi_project_template create-user.


❯ make test
Black All done! ✨ ? ✨
13 files would be left unchanged.
Isort All done! ✨ ? ✨
6 files would be left unchanged.
Success: no issues found in 13 source files
================================ test session starts ===========================
platform linux -- Python 3.9.6, pytest-6.2.5, py-1.10.0, pluggy-1.0.0 -- 
cachedir: .pytest_cache
rootdir: /fastapi-project-template
plugins: cov-2.12.1
collected 10 items                                                                                                                               

tests/ PASSED                           [ 10%]
tests/ PASSED                                      [ 20%]
tests/ PASSED                                       [ 30%]
tests/[run-args0---port] PASSED                [ 40%]
tests/[create-user-args1-create-user] PASSED   [ 50%]
tests/[create-user-args0-created admin2 user] PASSED[ 60%]
tests/ PASSED                     [ 70%]
tests/ PASSED                       [ 80%]
tests/ PASSED                             [ 90%]
tests/ PASSED                           [100%]

----------- coverage: platform linux, python 3.9.6-final-0 -----------
Name                              Stmts   Miss  Cover
fastapi_project_template/              4      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/                  16      1    94%
fastapi_project_template/                  21      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/                5      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/                   10      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/models/       0      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/models/       47      1    98%
fastapi_project_template/routes/      11      0   100%
fastapi_project_template/routes/       52     25    52%
fastapi_project_template/routes/      15      1    93%
fastapi_project_template/routes/          52     26    50%
fastapi_project_template/            103     12    88%
TOTAL                               336     66    80%

========================== 10 passed in 2.34s ==================================

Linting and Formatting

make lint  # checks for linting errors
make fmt   # formats the code


This project uses Dynaconf to manage configuration.

from fastapi_project_template.config import settings

Acessing variables

settings.get("SECRET_KEY", default="sdnfjbnfsdf")

Defining variables

On files


dynaconf_merge = true

echo = true

dynaconf_merge is a boolean that tells if the settings should be merged with the default settings defined in fastapi_project_template/default.toml.

As environment variables

export fastapi_project_template_KEY=value
export fastapi_project_template_KEY="@int 42"
export fastapi_project_template_KEY="@jinja {{ this.db.uri }}"
export fastapi_project_template_DB__uri="@jinja {{ this.db.uri | replace('db', 'data') }}"


There is a file .secrets.toml where your sensitive variables are stored, that file must be ignored by git. (add that to .gitignore)

Or store your secrets in environment variables or a vault service, Dynaconf can read those variables.

Switching environments

fastapi_project_template_ENV=production fastapi_project_template run



Read the file.


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