Finding the right evaporative cooler pad has become a challenging task because there are so many choices out there. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best evaporative cooler pads so that you can compare them and choose the right one to fulfill your needs.

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Followings are the best-selling evaporative cooler pads on Amazon today:

List of the Best Evaporative Cooler Pads

To make your choice easier, we’ve listed here a collection of the best-selling evaporative cooler pads available on the market today:


Highlighted Features:

  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is highly durable
  • The product is manufactured in United States

Highlighted Features:

  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 138 x 28 in.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Produced with the highest grade materials

Highlighted Features:

  • These Are Complete Line Of Heavy-Duty Shop Products That Will Bring You Years Of Reliable Performance

Highlighted Features:

  • PORTABLE – 4 heavy duty locking casters for cooling home, patio or workshop spaces up to 3, 000 square feet
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL – 59x46x26 inches; 11, 000 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM); 3 fan speeds and oscillating louvers to ensure even distribution, wide coverage and comfort
  • EASY TO OPERATE & SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN – 3 simple rotary controls allow the fan (Off, Hi, Med, Low), pump (On, Off) and oscillation motor (On, Off) to be controlled independently
  • MANUAL & CONTINUOUS FILL – Utilize the Continuous Fill option by attaching a household hose with the included float adapter, eliminating the need to manually watch and fill the water tank
  • SUPERCHARGED, ECONOMICAL COOLING – 3-sided rigid high-density cooling pads for increased evaporative surface area generating cooler air

Highlighted Features:

  • High Efficiency – Cools Better for Less
  • Durable Construction – Extends Life of Cooler
  • Easy Installation – Includes Media Pegs and Clips
  • Compatible with MasterCool Evaporative Cooler Models -MCP44- MCP44E- WPL44 and WPL44NP
  • Side Media Pad Dimensions: 35.5 in. x 5.88 in. x 2 in.

Highlighted Features:

  • 36″ x 20′ cooler pad
  • Dura-Cool evaporative cooler pad
  • Easily cuts to fit
  • Non-Allergenic and odorless
  • Can be rinsed clean with garden hose

Highlighted Features:

  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is highly durable
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Package dimensions : 29.25 inches (H) x 20.75 inches (L) x 16.75 inches (W)

Highlighted Features:

  • (8) ea Aspen Snow-Cool # 7IP 22″ x 24″ Evaporative / Swamp Cooler Pads
  • Grid Flo Stitching Delivers Up To 7 % Cooler Air Than Competing Paper or Synthetic Pads
  • Made of 100% All Natural High Altitude Rocky Mountain Aspen Excelsior
  • Eliminates Water Channeling, Grid Flo Design for Rapid Pad Saturation
  • Integrated Stitiching and End Seams Contain Debris, Less Pump Problems

Highlighted Features:

  • (3) ea Dial Mfg # 3073 Dura-Cool 29″ x 30″ Pre Cut Evaporative Swamp Cooler Pads
  • Non-Allergenic , Synthetic Fiber
  • Odorless, Won’t Shed Fibers
  • Can Be Rinsed With Garden Hose To Clean
  • Made In USA

Highlighted Features:

  • Genuine Portacool Replacement Part
  • Design – developed for the rigirous requirements of Portacool portable evaporative coolers
  • Constructed for longevity – made with an exclusive mix of high quality plant-based fiber materials
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Service Assurance – backed by Portacool’s customer service experts

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to cool outdoor areas up to 1,600 square feet using evaporated water; For the outdoors in dry climates and not in enclosed indoor spaces
  • Method of air cooling that uses only the water in its 14.6-gallon water reservoir
  • Features a manual water fill and an adapter for your garden hose for continuous running; Monitor the water levels with the convenient water level display
  • 4 heavy-duty locking wheels and a convenient handle make it perfect for tailgating, camping, or cookouts
  • Circulates clean, cool air thanks to the high-density grid media pad

Highlighted Features:

  • 32x 36, Aspen evaporative cooler pad, individually material packaged
  • Adds Extra shine to your product
  • Manufactured in China

Highlighted Features:

  • Replacement filter for evaporative air coolers
  • Large surface area and unique angled design for optimum evaporative cooling
  • High water retention for a longer-lasting evaporative cooling effect
  • Replace the Honeycomb Cooling Pad every 4-8 months (or as needed) for optimal evaporative cooling performance (frequency depends on evaporative cooler usage volume and environment conditions)

Highlighted Features:

  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is highly durable
  • The product is manufactured in China

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to install with instructions included
  • Fits all Durango models
  • Original Bonaire Durango pad set

Highlighted Features:

  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is highly durable
  • The product is manufactured in China

Guide for Choosing the Best Evaporative Cooler Pad

If you are ever in the market for buying evaporative cooler pad, you probably know how difficult it is to find the best one for the money. You may get confused thinking about:

  1. Who makes the best quality evaporative cooler pad in the industry?
  2. Which one is the best evaporative cooler pad for the money?
  3. How to choose the right evaporative cooler pad on the market?

When it comes to choosing the right evaporative cooler pad among a wide variety of options, you should consider some factors. Those factors may include quality, performance, features, value, etc. Without considering those factors you may end up buying a poor quality evaporative cooler pad that will not provide you with the best value for your money.

Before investing in evaporative cooler pad, you should find the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you really need to buy evaporative cooler pad?
  • How much value you are expecting from the evaporative cooler pad?
  • What factors do you believe should be considered when buying evaporative cooler pad?

To help you make an informed decision, here we are going to discuss the factors that you should consider when shopping for evaporative cooler pad whether online or from any retail store.

Product Quality

Product quality should be the most important factor to consider when shopping for evaporative cooler pad. You are going to use this product for a long time. So, you should consider the quality of the evaporative cooler pad and make sure it will fit your requirement.


The evaporative cooler pad comes with a lot of features and functionalities. we’ve mentioned the features of each of these evaporative cooler pads so that you can choose the right one for your needs. You should read all the features of the evaporative cooler pad before making a decision.


You can get an array of evaporative cooler pads, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The evaporative cooler pad that costs more is usually made from better materials and will last longer than a cheaper one. But if you want to be able to purchase a new evaporative cooler pad every few months, you may want to consider the budget-friendly options.

Reviews and Ratings

Finally, the customer reviews and ratings should be considered when buying evaporative cooler pad. Good customer reviews and ratings indicate that the evaporative cooler pad is going to perform well whereas bad ratings and negative reviews indicate that people already have faced problems using that particular product.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our listing about the best evaporative cooler pads. As you can see, there are still so many alternatives to choose from. So, it’s better to check out each of these items carefully and pick the right evaporative cooler pad that сan satisfies all your requirements.