Finding the right GOFLAME evaporative cooler has become a challenging task because there are so many choices out there. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best GOFLAME evaporative coolers so that you can compare them and choose the right one to fulfill your needs.

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Followings are the best-selling GOFLAME evaporative coolers on Amazon today:

List of the Best GOFLAME Evaporative Coolers

To make your choice easier, we’ve listed here a collection of the best-selling GOFLAME evaporative coolers available on the market today:


Highlighted Features:

  • 【Energy-saving & Efficient 3-in1 Air Cooler】This air cooler can be used as ordinary fan or air humidifier. The fan delivers fast air flow and you can put ice boxes into the tank to enhance cooling effects. It can also provide cool breeze and will not make your skin dry. Meanwhile, it operates with low energy consumption, which is cost-effective and energy-saving.
  • 【Wide-angle Oscillation & Adjustable Speeds】The vertical, oscillating air vents allows evenly air distribution, and the wind blades can be adjusted vertically & horizontally for wider area air supply. This cooling machine has 3 modes (normal /natural/ sleep mode) and 3 optional wind speeds (low/middle/high), which can be adjusted freely according to your needs.
  • 【Visible Water Tank & Removable Filter】Equipped with 4L water tank for hours running, so you don’t have to add water continuously. The front visual water line will remind you when to add water. In addition, the included removable & washable air filter reduces dusts, keeps air clean and saves you extra cost for replacement.
  • 【Simple Operation & Easy Mobility】Featuring 3 touch buttons on the top to clearly show all data, it is easy to operate even for the elders. Four rolling casters and built-in side handles are designed for easy maneuverability, helping you move the cooling fan from room to room, suitable for whole suite with bedroom, living room, kitchen.
  • 【Timer Function & Space-saving Design】Designed with 8h timing function, you can fully enjoy your working, reading or sleeping without catching a cold. In addition, the sleep mode has low noise, ensuring you a peaceful and comfy sleep. Weighing only 10 lbs and with sleek, compact size, this air humidifier fits well in any limited space, saving floor space.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 Wind Modes & 3 Wind Speeds: This bladeless tower fan comes with 3 wind modes – normal, cooling and sleep – allowing you to personalize the cooling effects according to your needs. Besides, with 3 speed settings (high, medium, low), you can control the wind power and have a comfortable cooling experience during the hot days.
  • Effective Cooling & Wide Oscillation: Simply press the button of “COOLING” and add water to the bottom water tank, you can feel a stream of cold wind with humidity from the tower fan. In addition, the oscillating cooling fan allows you to direct the airflow where you need and provides wider airflow distribution around the room.
  • 9-Hour Timer & Auto-off LED Display: 1-9h timing function allows you to set the auto off time to give you a comfortable, cool and healthy sleeping environment. Moreover, the display screen will turn off automatically if the fan has no operation in the power-on state for 3 minutes, ensuring a dark night for better sleep quality.
  • Energy Saving & Compact Tower Shape: This cooling fan with high efficiency at a low power of 45 W can save much energy. Moreover, standing 41″ tall with a small 12.5″ x 12.5″ footprint, this tower fan takes up little floor space. And thanks to the lightweight design and built-in handle, you can easily move the tower fan anywhere.
  • Simple Operation & Remote Control: Intelligent touch panel and LED display make the air cooler easy to operate. Besides, with the remote control in hand, you can easily control the air cooler without having to get up from the comfortable sofa. Moreover, coming with a sturdy round base, the tower fan ensures great stability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose Design for Wide Application: It can be used not only as an air cooler and heater, but also as a humidifier or a fan. It reduces the temperature by water evaporation and raises the temperature by PTC heater, ideal for use in homes, offices, dormitories, etc.
  • Adjustable Fan Speeds & Timing Function: With an 8-hour timer, wide-angle air supply feature, 3 fan speeds, you can customize your cooling and heating modes as you need to get maximum comfort. Also, the honeycomb cooling pad and ice crystal boxes ensure a high level of cooling.
  • LCD Display & Remote Control: The user-friendly LCD control panel is easy for you to see the speed, mode and timer options selected. Moreover, a remote control included allows you to enjoy the convenience of accessing all features of your air cooler and heater from anywhere in the room.
  • Large-Capacity Water Tank and Universal Wheels: 7L large-capacity water tank can avoid you from adding water frequently due to running out of water. Furthermore, this air cooler and heater is designed with 4 caster wheels, which makes it easy to move the unit from room to room.
  • Make You Breathe Clean Air: This air cooler and heater has a particular air purifying function and a detachable washable filter. It will provide you with a fresher and healthier environment. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • 【Customize Your Cooling】With a 7.5 hour timer, swing feature, 3 fan modes and speeds, you have plenty of options to get the perfect level of comfort. It comes with two ice-crystal boxes which can enhance cooling performance.
  • 【Breathe Cool And Clean Air】The air cooler utilizes a superb honeycomb cooling pad that ensures a high level of cooling. Removable, washable filter and anion generator will make a healthier, more comfortable environment for you.
  • 【Electronic Display & Remote Control】User-friendly LED control panel lets you easily see what speed, mode and timer option you chose. It also comes with a remote control which enables you to control all the air cooler’s power, timer and wind settings from anywhere in the room.
  • 【Easy To Move And Storage】The compact and lightweight air cooler is easy to carry and storage, and fits discreetly in most spaces. 4 caster wheels make it easy to move your unit from room to room.
  • 【Not Just a Fan】This air cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation. It can be used as a fan or humidifier. It performs best in hot/dry climates where humidity levels are <50%, and ideal for using in home, office, dormitory and so on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multifunctional Air Cooler & Humidifier: The air cooler blows out large amount of cool air which reduces your surrounding air about 37¨H down when adding the frozen ice box. The mist air can increase air humidity and keep the skin hydrated. And the washable filter can make a more comfortable environment for you. In addition, the anion function helps to clean air by generating negative ion.
  • 3 Wind Speeds & Auto Oscillation: The air cooler features with 3 wind modes (Normal/Natural/Sleeping) and 3 speed settings (Low/Med/High) and you can easily customize the cold airflow according to your needs. With automatic swing function, it can effectively cool most of the space around you, making it a must-have item in hot weather.
  • Efficient Cooling with Large Water Tank: Equipped with an 8-liter large water tank, it is not necessary to add water frequently. Cold air can be sprayed continuously for several hours to keep the body cool at night for a good sleep. If you add ice box to the water tank, the cooling effect will be better.
  • 7.5-Hour Timer and Remote Control: The easy-to-read control panel and full-featured remote control make the operation of the air cooler simple. Programmable for up to 7.5 hours, it allows you to set the timer for unattended operation during sleep. Comes with a built-in handle on the top and sits on 4 castor wheels, it¡¯s easy to move around for relocation.
  • Energy Saving & Healthy Air Circulator: This unit does not contain ozone refrigerant, nor does it use a compressor like a conventional power consuming air conditioner. With high efficiency at low power of 75 W, it saves your electricity bills and does no harm to the environment. It blows out cold air through water evaporation which feels really refreshing, instead of circulating warm air like a regular fan.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-In-1 Portable Air Cooler: This is a multipurpose indoor spot cooling fan for small areas. The mist air can increase air humidity and keep the skin hydrated and the anion function helps to clean air by generating negative ion. Comes with built-in handles and 4 castor wheels, it¡¯s portable to move around for relocation.
  • 3 Wind Speeds and 3 Working Modes: The air cooler features with 3 wind modes (Normal/Natural/Sleep), 3 speed settings (Low/Med/High), and automatic swing function, and you can easily customize the cold airflow according to your needs to effectively cool most of the space around you.
  • Powerful Cooling with Large Water Tank: Equipped with a 6-liter large water tank, it is not necessary to add water frequently. Cold air can be sprayed continuously for several hours to keep the body cool at night for a good sleep. If you add ice box to the water tank, the cooling effect will be better.
  • Touch Control Panel with Timer and Remote: The easy-to-use touch control panel and full-featured remote control make the operation of the air cooler simple from bed or sofa. Programmable for up to 8 hours, it allows you to set the timer for unattended operation during sleep.
  • Energy-Saving Evaporation Mechanism: This evaporative cooler works by using heat energy to evaporate water, which cools the area around you with low energy consumption. You need a window open for fresh air intake and if you live in an area with low humidity then it will be more effective.

Highlighted Features:

  • Air Cooler & Humidifier & Fan 3 in 1: This evaporative air cooler with humidifying, air purifying and cooling function will be your perfect partner to spend hot summer days. By providing a large amount of cooling airflow together with water vapor, this air fan can cool down the whole room, increase air humidity and purify air.
  • 3 Adjustable Wind Modes & 3 Speeds: Design with 3 wind modes (normal, natural, sleep) and 3 speeds (high, medium, low), this air cooler can meet your different needs and is suitable for various occasions including home and office. In addition, this air cooler has a wide swing angle, which can cool down quickly and evenly.
  • 7.5-Hour Timer & Large Water Tank: 7.5-hour timing function allows you to set the auto off time to give you a comfortable, cool and healthy sleeping environment. 7L large capacity water tank allows for a long time cooling and helps to reduce the frequency of adding water. In addition, the water tank is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Simple Operation & Remote Control: Intelligent touch panel and LCD display make the cooler easy to operate. Besides, with the remote control in hand, you can easily control the air cooler without having to get up from the comfortable sofa. Moreover, with universal wheels and built-in handle, this air cooler can be easily moved around.
  • Energy Saving & Healthy Air Supply: Unlike a conventional air conditioner using ozone refrigerant, this cooler with water circulating cooling system can provide fresh and healthy air flow for your family and do no harm to the environment. What’s more, this air cooler with high efficiency at low power of 65 W can save much energy.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-in-1 Cooling: Our air cooler enjoy multi-function set in one, including refrigeration, humidification, air cleaning function in one equipment. It’s really the first choice for you in hot summer days, which eliminates the trouble of using multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Available 4 Speeds & 3 Modes: There are 4 wind speed settings to control the fan speed for optimal comfort. And it provides standard wind, natural wind, sleep wind and breeze to meet your different needs. Besides, our air cooler can help you cool down and improve airflow in your room, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • 7.5-Hour Timing Function & Quiet Operation: Our air coolers have a quiet sleep mode with noise control below 60db and will not disturb your sleep. 7.5-hour timing function allows you to set the auto off time, helping you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy night.
  • Remote Control & Control Panel: The remote control allows you to control all functions without leaving the comfortable bed or sofa. The control distance can reach up to 6 meters. And the control panel shows all the data visually, which allows you to understand use our air cooler easily.
  • 20L Water Tank & 2 Adjustment Methods: This cooling fan with a good cooling effect has a 20L extra-large water tank, which greatly reduces the number of times to add water. In addition, there are two ways of manual and automatic adjustment for our air cooler, and the adjustable angles are up to 40°.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 Fan Speeds & 3 Wind Modes: Featuring 3 fan speeds (high/medium/low) and 3 operating modes (normal/cooling/sleep), this bladeless tower fan allows you to customize your desired airflow and cooling effects easily. It can provide powerful cooling air or peaceful breeze for various occasions, such as yoga, workout, relaxing, etc.
  • Wide Oscillation & Simple to Use: Designed with a wide swing angle of 70°, the evaporative air cooler offers effective and wide-spread air flow distribution around the whole room. The smart touch panel and LED display make it easy to use. Besides, you can control all settings without leaving bed or sofa by using the handy remote control.
  • Quiet Operation & Built-in Timer: This powerful floor fan runs quietly with less than 45dB noise, ensuring a peaceful and cool working or sleeping environment for you. The built-in timer allows you to set the auto-off time from 1-9 hours. Moreover, the LED screen will automatically turn off after 3 minutes in no operation, avoiding any annoying light at night.
  • Energy Saving & Safety Protection: The floor tower fan is a perfect match to an air conditioner, which can promote air circulation in the room and save a lot of energy costs. The round base enhances overall stability and protects the fan from toppling over. For children’s security, the fan features a bladeless design and pinch-proof grills.
  • Compact & Space-saving Design: The compact tower shape design makes this evaporative air cooler take up little space and suitable for any size of room in your home or office. With a light weight of 11 lbs and built-in portable handle, you can move and carry it anywhere you need effortlessly.

Highlighted Features:

  • ❄️【Create a Cool Lake Breeze at Home】HiFresh Portable Swamp Cooler features a large 1 Gal. tank capable of running 8 hours to ease 35% indoor dryness. Working with ICE PACKS(included) distributes a cool breeze like blowing across a lake to your immediate areas. Live in a cooling environment is not an unachievable matter with HiFresh Evaporative Air Cooler unless you enjoy a muggy home.
  • ❄️【Fast & Efficient Cooling】When the dog days of summer roll around, an Economic Evaporative Cooler is a great helper to keep you stay calm and sweat-free at the home or office. This 2-in-1 bladeless tower fan & air cooler generates a gentle breeze stream to cool down a 250 sq.Ft room quickly and evenly. Also, it is more eco-friendly and budget-saving to run than A/Cs. Enjoy your balmy summer’s night with HiFresh!
  • ❄️【Customize Your Comfort】Designed with 4 Modes(Normal/Nature/Sleep/Cold) & 3 Speeds(L/M/H), HiFresh Portable Air Cooler provides a wide range of use for any activities, like comforting coolness for relaxing, powerful airflow for yoga or workout, and a peaceful breeze for nightly use in hot summer days. Stay with HiFresh Cooler, make you feel like in Nature.
  • ❄️【Control Your Fan 20ft. Away】Equppied a remote control that features sensitive response and ultra-long sensing distance, this compact portable evaporative cooler provides a “lazy” way to adjust your tower fan while laying on your couch or bed. With easy to understand icon on the remote & panel, it is friendly to the seniors who are not familiar with smart appliances.
  • ❄️【Quiet Operation & Auto-off Timer 】Have you ever waken up by the whirring of the ceiling fan at midnight? HiFresh Portable Air Conditioner is a smart solution to make you sleep like a baby. It features an upgraded motor to blow comforting air-flow in the room with less than 39dB noise. Besides, 12 Hour preset timer allows you to sleep all night without any interruptions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Included Components: Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Black, HYF290B
  • Voltage: 100120

Highlighted Features:

  • Personal Air Cooler: Enjoy cool air anywhere with this air cooler that helps turn hot, dry air into cold, refreshing air
  • Quiet and Lightweight: The whisper quiet fan plus soothing night light make this air cooler perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep
  • Efficient Cooling: Hydro Chill Technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly; The multi directional air vent is adjustable to point the air to the area you want
  • Easy to Use: It’s simple to set up and use, just pour water in the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy
  • Cool Air Wherever You Need It: The sleek, compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table wherever you need it; Use it in your home or work office, garage, RV camper, dorm room; It’s even convenient for travel
  • Product packing may vary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple Controls: Choose between 4 speeds, 3 modes (Normal, Natural, or Sleep), remotely control the strength and oscillation from your bed or sofa; easy-to-touch smart design makes you more convenient to use, so you can easily customize your airflow and cooling needs for a child’s room bedroom, or home office
  • Wide & Smooth Oscillation: Perfect 90°oscillating cooling fan allows you to direct airflow where you need. The wide-angle oscillation and long wind curve provides more effective air flow distribution around the room
  • Quiet & Gentle Breeze: This powerful yet silent floor fan is expertly engineered to produce little noise(only 40dB!) that won’t disturb your sleep; built-in timer can be set from 1 to 12 hours for a good night’s sleep or cool nap during hot summer nights(light turns auto-off after 30s in sleep mode)
  • Safe & Reliable: ETL-certified bladeless oscillating fan designed with narrow fence to not endanger children; with the steady stand base that resists falling or tripping; a fused safety plug prevents damage from over-voltage and power surges
  • Compact & Portable: The quiet, real space saving standing fan can fit into any room corner thanks to the small base and body; move it easily with the convenient carry handle, portable for home, RV or office.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24ft/s Velocity: This tower fan is equipped with a powerful motor and a unique air-duct that can provide a velocity of 24ft/s, effectively distributing airflow around the room. It lets you enjoy the cool quickly
  • Lower Noise, More Serenity: This bladeless fan adopts a unique air-duct design with fluid mechanics and minimize noise. Brings a comforting, cool, and ultra-quiet breeze, helping you to sink into a soothing night of rest
  • 90° Oscillation Tower Fan: Compared to other 65°oscillating fans, for quicker cooling, ours provides wider coverage of airflow to increase indoor air circulation
  • 6 Speeds+3 Modes + Additional Auto Mode: Customize your breeze with 6 speeds and 3 modes (Normal, Natural, and Sleep). Stay cool on hot summer days in the bedroom, study, or office. If you activate the pedestal fan’s auto mode, the velocity of the wind will automatically change with the temperature, allowing your room to always stay pleasant and healthy
  • Clear LED Display: Track the room temperature, speed, mode and timer settings on the floor fan’s large LED display. Easily access all settings via the control panel or remote control. Convenient and easy to use. [Note:Set the tower fan to sleep mode. The LED display will turn off automatically after 20 seconds, allowing a restful night’s sleep]

Highlighted Features:

  • 【3-IN-1 & Environmentally Friendly】 If you live in a place where summers are very hot, consider this 3-IN-1 swamp cooler. It uses the natural cooling properties of water to quickly cool the air by absorbing dry, hot air and increasing the humidity of the air. Softer wind than ordinary fans, humidified air to avoid dry skin, adding frozen good ice box you will get double the coolness. And power consumption is only 1/8 of the air conditioning, protecting the environment while saving your wallet!
  • 【3 Modes & 3 Wind Speeds】 Noisy fan sound at night is as annoying as a robin in the afternoon. This Portable evaporative cooler with sleep mode (less than 51.2dB) can definitely help! 12-hour timer, you never have to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan. Normal/Natural mode and Low/Medium/High wind speeds can meet all your daytime needs. The remote control frees your feet so you don’t need to get up to adjust the cooling fan even when you’re working at your desk!
  • 【Oscillation: Up+Down & Left+Right】 Cleaning the inside of a compact swamp cooler can be difficult. The outer fan blades of this Oscillating evaporative air cooler can be manually adjusted up and down by 120°, and closing the fan blade when not in use prevents dust from entering the inside of the device. At the top of the evaporative cooler is a panel control with LED screen, click Swing, and the device will automatically swing 60° horizontally, so that the coolness is sent to every corner.
  • 【2 Ways to Add Water: Top & Bottom】 This evaporative cooler with Fan/Humidifier/Cooling has two water tanks. The top water tank is very convenient to add water without bending down, especially for pregnant women. The water curtain and bottom water tank of the swamp cooler are removable and easy to clean. 1 gallon water tank can give you coolness all night long. With this room air conditioner from SEEPER, it’s like summer never came!
  • 【Convenient Handle & 360° Wheels】This portable air conditioner is a well-made device that is very attractive. And with its compact size, it takes up almost no space. If you want to move it from indoors to outdoors, you only need one hand to lift it by the portable handle. The bottom is also equipped with 360° wheels, which can roll easily even on uneven patios, garages, and warehouses. Summer is coming, if you choose it as a gift for your family, friends, they will love this air cooler!

Highlighted Features:

  • PORTABLE – 4 heavy duty locking casters for cooling home, patio or workshop spaces up to 950 square feet
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL – 37x17x24 inches; 3, 100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM); 3 fan speeds and oscillating louvers to ensure even distribution, wide coverage and comfort
  • EASY TO OPERATE & SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN – 3 simple rotary controls allow the fan (Off, Hi, Med, Low), pump (On, Off) and oscillation motor (On, Off) to be controlled independently
  • MANUAL & CONTINUOUS FILL – Utilize the Continuous Fill option by attaching a household hose with the included float adaptor, eliminating the need to manually watch and fill the water tank
  • SUPERCHARGED, ECONOMICAL COOLING – 3-sided rigid high-density cooling pads for increased evaporative surface area generating cooler air
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • To minimize noise and vibration, the air conditioner should be placed on a firm floor.
  • 3100 CFM

Highlighted Features:

  • 【Multi-Function Personal Air Cooler Fan without Chemicals】 The mini air conditioner is a combination of air conditioner, fan and humidifier. The device with water for naturally cooled and humidified air, without harmful chemicals. The evaporative cooler cools warm air in seconds with the unique evaporation technology. Accompany you through the hot summer.
  • 【90° Oscillation for Wider Air Distribution】 Coming with a 90° oscillation feature, and manual up-down to adjust blowing direction in 90 degrees. It is able to offer a wider airflow and increase its cooling effects, so it can provide a refreshing experience to you. You can control the wind direction as you like and create your own personal cooling zone.
  • 【4000mAh Built-in Battery & Type-C Input】Built-in high-capacity battery, this portable mini cooler can work without an external power supply, working continuously for 5-8 hours when fully charged. It is equipped with Type C power supply system to provide a safer power input. You can use the Type-C power cable included in the package to connect adapter, power bank or computer.
  • 【3 Speed Modes and 2 Spray Modes】 The mini air conditioner is designed with 3 speed settings (High, Medium, Low) and 2 spray modes (Continuous, Intermittent). You can choose a comfortable mode to enjoy the cool wind. Create your own cooling zone by controlling wind and humidity however you want.
  • 【Night Light and Customer Service】Night light can create a comfortable environment and help you get a better sleep. Based on our confidence in our products, we promise a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back and 12-month warranty.

Guide for Choosing the Best GOFLAME Evaporative Cooler

If you are ever in the market for buying GOFLAME evaporative cooler, you probably know how difficult it is to find the best one for the money. You may get confused thinking about:

  1. Who makes the best quality GOFLAME evaporative cooler in the industry?
  2. Which one is the best GOFLAME evaporative cooler for the money?
  3. How to choose the right GOFLAME evaporative cooler on the market?

When it comes to choosing the right GOFLAME evaporative cooler among a wide variety of options, you should consider some factors. Those factors may include quality, performance, features, value, etc. Without considering those factors you may end up buying a poor quality GOFLAME evaporative cooler that will not provide you with the best value for your money.

Before investing in GOFLAME evaporative cooler, you should find the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you really need to buy GOFLAME evaporative cooler?
  • How much value you are expecting from the GOFLAME evaporative cooler?
  • What factors do you believe should be considered when buying GOFLAME evaporative cooler?

To help you make an informed decision, here we are going to discuss the factors that you should consider when shopping for GOFLAME evaporative cooler whether online or from any retail store.

Product Quality

Product quality should be the most important factor to consider when shopping for GOFLAME evaporative cooler. You are going to use this product for a long time. So, you should consider the quality of the GOFLAME evaporative cooler and make sure it will fit your requirement.


The GOFLAME evaporative cooler comes with a lot of features and functionalities. we’ve mentioned the features of each of these GOFLAME evaporative coolers so that you can choose the right one for your needs. You should read all the features of the GOFLAME evaporative cooler before making a decision.


You can get an array of GOFLAME evaporative coolers, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The GOFLAME evaporative cooler that costs more is usually made from better materials and will last longer than a cheaper one. But if you want to be able to purchase a new GOFLAME evaporative cooler every few months, you may want to consider the budget-friendly options.

Reviews and Ratings

Finally, the customer reviews and ratings should be considered when buying GOFLAME evaporative cooler. Good customer reviews and ratings indicate that the GOFLAME evaporative cooler is going to perform well whereas bad ratings and negative reviews indicate that people already have faced problems using that particular product.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our listing about the best GOFLAME evaporative coolers. As you can see, there are still so many alternatives to choose from. So, it’s better to check out each of these items carefully and pick the right GOFLAME evaporative cooler that сan satisfies all your requirements.