Makeups make amazing women. It’s the trend of this decade. Celebrities choose makeup to boost their presence and enhance their brands. Makeup brush holders, therefore, have the most significant role when it comes to securing your makeup equipment when in use.

The market has hundreds of these makeup brush holders so that you can have the best from the choices available. However, choosing the best holder isn’t as easy as many would think. Right from the materials used to the ease of use, you probably will find the brush holders a bit confusing.

The good news is that we understand the challenges that come with selecting the best, and that’s why we picked these Best Makeup Brush Holders Reviews for you. This will leave you with a single task of choosing the one that meets your requirements. Therefore, without hesitating, let’s jump straight into the review and see what each one has to offer you.

Table of the Best Makeup Brush Holders Reviews

10. Makeup Brush Holder Organizer Bag Professional Artist Brushes Travel Bag Stand-up Makeup Cup

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This makeup holder is an ideal where you can safely secure your makeup brushes. It has a high quality which is waterproof construction to protect your brushes and other accessories from water. That is what sets it above the standard makeup brush holders.

Nevertheless, this item can accommodate 15 to 20 makeup brushes and still stand on its own while you are doing your makeup. This makes your brush a great deal for money courtesy of its extensive use. This holder also acts as a multipurpose bag since it can also store your other miscellaneous items.


  • It’s light and compact to carry while travelling
  • It has a large capacity for 15-20 makeup brush storage.
  • It is spacious because of its excellent design
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Durable and scratch-resistant

9. The Essentra Home Blanc Tumbler

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This Essentra Home Blanc Tumbler holder is the perfect décor for your bathroom since it’s modernized and beautifies your bathroom, setting it above the competitors. Its high-quality design made of sturdy resin ensures you age with it. You can even transfer it to your upcoming generations

The most important function is its ability to accommodate all the accessories for makeup brushes, pens, toothpaste, toothbrush and other miscellaneous items. This versatility gives your bathroom an ideal look which sums a well-organised dressing area.


  • Has perfect size and height to put in your brushes
  • Made of durable resin for a long lasting use
  • Has multi-purpose usage for all your items
  • the design is lovely and adds decoration to your dressing room

8. hblife Clear Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

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Are you a professional makeup artist? Worry less since hblife Clear Makeup Brush Holder Organizer never gets old or out of style. Its material feature a very strong weather resistance construction since it comes from acrylic.

This holder also ensures security even when kids play around it gets hard to be injured or break. Besides, it also plays an essential function in accommodating various items on your countertop, thus keeping the area neat and organized. This is what you want so that you can quickly locate your brush when you need it.


  • It’s durable
  • Made of sturdy acrylic material
  • Gives Perfect size and height for your brushes
  • Has multi-purpose use
  • Have three slots for storage.

7. N2 Makeup Co Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

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Surprise your loved ones with this fantastic gift to give them lasting memories about you. This brush holder provides excellent décor for your room or your drawer hence a significant difference to other standard types. Its 6 slots and sleek black design beat others in the market since you can store your brushes in classes for various uses.

Nevertheless, it has 2 years warrants so don’t hesitate to purchase it since N2 Makeup Co Makeup Brush Holder Organizer makes things perfect for you. Finally, the prices are very affordable and hence no excuses.


  • Have 6 slots to separate your brushes differently and store them.
  • Has a professional, sleek design
  • Made for Durability
  • It’s affordable and great value for money

6. HBlife Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

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Save your space with HBlife Makeup Brush Holder Organizer since it has 3 slots which can accommodate your brushes as well as other accessories. Due to its multipurpose function, it organizes different sizes and types of brush thus saving the countertop space. Moreover, it’s hard to break since it’s much stronger than glass; thus, no insecurities when kids are playing around it. It crafts from durable acrylic material with resistant to weather which gives it an advantage of quality in the market.


  • Saves space thus minimizes the clutter
  • Made of acrylic material for durability and decoration
  • Doesn’t get old or out of style
  • Safe with kids

5. Newslly Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

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This makeup holder has 3 slots and comes with a dustproof box which prevents your brush from dust contamination. It can hold 45-50 small size brushes and 17-25 larger brushes which makes it top in the market. This box holder has free white pearl beans which keeps your brushes steady making it more transparent and neat. This acrylic quality makes you see your brushes clear in the holder, and you can be able to know the missing item in it.


  • It is dustproof and hence keeps your tools clean
  • Can hold a large capacity of brushes
  • High quality of acrylic material
  • Easy to set up in your room

4. Bekith Large Wavy 3 Compartment Makeup Organizer

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Get a holder perfect for long items.Bekith Large Wavy 3 Compartment Makeup Organizer is the best holder for that. It has three compartments that include; wider section is on the stand while two shallow sections are on the sides. This gives you options for perfect storage.

You can store various items depending on the size and shape of your items, i.e. makeup brushes, pens, jewellery and other accessories. This makes it ite best versatile brush holder for your makeup.


  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • It comes from quality materials hence durable
  • versatile for holding other items
  • It is transparent making it easy to see the makeup

3. Juvale 2-Pack Rose Gold Metal Wire Makeup Brush Pencil Cup Holders

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A classy holder makes your dressing room look exceptional. Juvale 2-Pack Rose Gold Metal Wire Makeup Brush Pencil Cup Holders is what you need to make your storage easy. This holder comes from iron material which assures you of a long-lasting use

Its geometric feature design and rose gold color give a perfect appearance which attracts your eyes. The tool is essential since it helps you store various types of makeup like eye pencil, highlighter brushes and other accessories


  • Features anti-slip bottom which stands still underneath the surface
  • Has multi-purpose function for your daily storage
  • Made of iron thus durable
  • It is lightweight hence portable

2. iDesign Clarity Metal Tumbler Makeup Brush Toothbrush Holder

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This is another holder which works perfectly when organizing your room. You can store your toothpaste, toothbrush makeup brush and other items on it thus useful. This is why its popularity is growing fast, and many users are finding it suitable for storage.

Additionally, it is also designed in a clear plastic which enables you to view your collection and thus serves you forever since it’s hard to break and can tolerate the daily use. Lastly, this holder is inexpensive and therefore, no more excuses.’


  • It’s compact hence easy to store
  • It’s versatile for your storage needs
  • Saves time and space in your room
  • It has a sturdy base to hold on the tabletop firmly.

1. Vencer Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

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Vencer Makeup Brush Holder Organizer has three slots which you can separate your brushes into different types and use. It is also beige, which will attract your eyes. This improves the decor in your dressing room.

Moreover, you can organize your room and put this holder to your drawer, dressing mirror, countertop or anywhere thus provides neatness to your room. However, its high-quality acrylic material gives the stored items long-lasting security for use.


  • At the bottom, it has rubber dots to keep it firm on the table and prevents it from sliding.
  • Have 3 slots to separate your brushes
  • Easy to carry from place to place
  • Its smaller size makes it fit in any space
  • Scratch resistance due to acrylic material

Final verdict

In conclusion, the value for beauty is so significant, and that is why we ensure that your makeup brushes and other miscellaneous items are secured in a beautiful holder. These holders are the top-selling one in the market and readily available. We have the Best makeup brush reviews where you can go through it for easy and wise decisions.

If you still want to discover more about the products, then be assured that we have you sorted. We will respond to your questions and guide you through as you find the value for money. Therefore, leave a comment below to help us know how your purchase benefited you.