In modern houses, one thing people thrive on is space. Although the apartments and rooms are well equipped with all modern facilities and amenities, the space factor always plays a major role. Especially while organizing the furniture. Do you wish to make maximum utilization of your space? Getting hold of the floating TV stands is a good option. These products give you the space to keep your TV and still have floor areas to do more.

The top-rated floating TV stands you see here are made of the best quality materials. It has the most innovative designs to meet the needs of modern families. With a detailed explanation, it will be fairly easy for you to choose the best stand for your home.

Table of the Best Floating TV Stands Reviews

10. MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS LED Wall Mounted 71-Inch Floating TV Stand

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A touch of elegance, class, modernization, and space-saving design combined together to create this wall mounted floating TV stand. This is what you would love to add to your beautiful decor. With such a TV stand, your wall will look more beautiful. Whereas you will get more amount of floor area to store other necessary things.

This stand has the feature and hardware which enables you to install it on any given wall without any difficulties. Plus, the wall mount is capable of holding up to 80” of TV along with other entertainment consoles. The high-quality construction makes it long-lasting and the wall bracket is effortless to work with and set-up.

Key features:

  • The matte body is combined with a high gloss finish.
  • Has 16 color LED lighting system which is controllable with a remote
  • Eccentric type connection combined with pins for an easy and no-brainer installation.

9. Meble Furniture & Rugs White Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand with 16″ Color LEDs

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Make your wall the most beautiful space in your house. Mount this outstanding floating TV stand that holds your TV in an amazing fashion. Plus, it also accommodates every other accessory that comes along with it. In terms of looks, the unique contemporary design has a beautiful white finish that greatly complements the overall looks.

Moreover, the ease of installation of the product is yet another advantage. And it includes a connection coupled with pins and brackets. Everything is done in a jiffy without any difficulty.

Key features:

  • Designed with a beautiful 16 color LED light function.
  • Remote control floating TV stand LED lights to allow you to play with colors.
  • The glossy front combined with a matte finish looks very appealing.

8. MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Modular Wall Mounted TV Stand

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Yet another fantastic option of TV stands from Mebel. This is excellent and very effective in its performance. As it can easily hold large TVs of around 70”, this is a perfect addition to your room. As a matter of fact, it can really make your house look all the more beautiful in every given sense.

Fitted onto the stand is a 16 LED lighting kit, it will make your room look all the more fascinating. Also, the product is manufactured and imported from the European Union. Thus giving you the ultimate assurance of quality, durability, and workability.

Key features:

  • Has a beautiful combination of high gloss front and matte body.
  • A height of 12-inches.
  • Comes with all floating TV stand brackets and pins required for setting up.

7. Tangkula Modern  Wall Mounted TV Stand Hanging TV Cabinet

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Like the idea of a product that has the perfect balance of beauty and brains? This floating TV stand is one of the best examples of it. It features all the excellent and advanced characteristics you would like to see on a TV stand. This is very modern looking that requires very little space to mount even your big TV.

However, it is a user-friendly design that aids families with a space crunch. The high-end construction of the TV stand is an added benefit. It is made out of a 0.60″ thick environmental chipboard. Thus, it readily delivers a good amount of mechanical strength while being very sturdy. Also, it has a 2 tier shelf design to offer more space and better organization. Being Eco-friendly, the floating TV stand with storage shelf is pretty space-saving.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy to assemble and install.
  • Unique corner design to eliminate risks of collision and damage.
  • Have cable holes for better cable management and hiding of messy cables.

6. South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console

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Light and compact, this is a floating TV stand that will perfectly hold your TV always. Although it has a compact design, a great amount of storage is assured to store the TV but also various consoles and accessories. Also, it has a very sleek and elegant finish that looks beautiful and complements your interior decor the best way.

Moreover, the non-toxic lamination of the particleboard meets or exceeds the safety standards set by North America. Cleaning and maintaining it is also very easy as it is done with just a wipe with wet clothes.

Key feature:

  • Has a cable hole for wire management.
  • Designed with both open and closed shelves.

5. Concept Muebles High Gloss LED TV Stand

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A dash of elegance and supreme beauty is packed together in this fascinating TV stand. It is a perfect choice for modern families that loves to watch entertainment on a big screen. As it can hold a TV of 80″, most people can get benefitted from this. Along with that, the advanced looks of it is very appealing to the eyes.

Featuring a beautiful combination of matte body and high gloss front, you are sure to get some attention for installing it. Also, it comes along with the bracket pins and has an eccentric connection for a completely effortless setting up process.

Key features:

  • Decor items have a place to store as it has a couple of open areas in the middle part.
  • Has a beautiful 16 color LED lighting system for more appeal
  • Remote control LED lights to let you control the looks from a distance.

4. Pemberly Row Plus 58″ Floating TV Stand

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Have a flat-screen, plasma, LED, or LCD TV and wish to create a beautiful setting in your room? This modern floating TV stand is a good choice to make. It is capable of holding a TV that can weigh up to a staggering 75 pounds. Plus, a good amount of space is there to organize everything in a perfect manner. This stand is well suited for modern families that need everything compact.

As a matter of fact, the product will also offer you three upper compartments. Thus you can smartly keep the various audio and video components. Moreover, there is a lower shelf as well. It is designed specifically to offer you space to store a huge number of CDs and DVDs.

Key features:

  • Has an innovative hanging rail system for fast and easy mounting of the console at any height.
  • The cables and wires are consoled in a neat and organized fashion.
  • Constructed out of premium quality materials.

3. Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mount Floating Shelf TV Console

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Coming from Tribesigns, this is a floating TV stand that allows you to make maximum utilization of small space. However, it looks very amazing in itself. With this stand, you get a solution of holding your TV and it is made of 0.60″ thickened board. There are no questions regarding durability and bearing strength.

Furthermore, the premium quality of construction makes it totally safe against water and also keeps away scratches for good. The stand can hold weight up to 70 pounds with ease. Lastly, it has a smart two-tier design that readily offers you space both for viewing and storing.

Key features:

  • Designed with a cable hole to perfectly manage cables and wires.
  • Rounded corners prevent causing accidents and injuries.
  • Particle wood offers E1 class environmental protection.

2. Concept Muebles TV Stand Milano 200 – Modern LED TV Cabinet

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Make sure you do not end up compromising with the quality in order to find beautiful looks. And this floating TV stand offers both in significant quantity. Designed for TVs that can go up to 90″ in size, this is a one-stop solution for your entertainment needs. The stand gets the trust of being manufactured by the European Union. It boasts a perfect combination of contemporary styling coupled with modern looks.

While the entire body has a matte finish, the front has a delightful glossy finish that is really satisfying. Also, it offers the convenience of easy installation owing to the eccentric type connections and pins.

Key features:

  • Flat packed packaging is easy to use and assemble.
  • Offers storage space for audio and video consoles.
  • 16 LED lighting assembly which is controlled with a remote.

1. Metro Shop Broadway Altus Plus 58-inch Floating TV Stand

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This TV stand designed to deliver excellence. Ranking high in terms of design, durability, and functionality, it is handy for apartments and houses that have limited space. It is well-suited for various plasma and flat-panel TVs and always ensures space looks very gorgeous.

Nevertheless, the high-end built quality offers a huge weight capacity of 75 pounds. It means you can store a lot without any risks of damage. With this stand, you can set up your TV and never feel the need for any extra mounting bracket.

Key features:

  • Holds TVs of maximum 60″.
  • Has a smart two-shelf design for enhanced storing options.
  • Three upper compartments offer space for keeping consoles.

Keep the floor space empty and attach the TV stand to have the best viewing experience. Relax and enjoy your time!