?‍? Hades ?‍?

Hades is a tool allowing you to bruteforce or phish VMware Horizon

accounts easily, written in Python3.

? Documentation ?

If you encounter any problem while using this program, create an issue on this repository and I will help you.

Also, please use this program only for educational purposes, and don’t forget; great power comes with great responsibility.

First of all, you have to install Python3 AND ‘pip’. Then run the setup.bat file.
It will install you the necessary libraries for the program.

Hades contains two folders:

  • Phishing
  • Bruteforce

1: Phishing

The phishing program will open a HTTP server with the phishing VMware Horizon page.
You can open your ports or make a localtunnel to make the web server accessible to anyone.
When someone will enter his credentials and connect in the phishing page, the information
will be stocked in a file and sent to your discord webhook.

2: Bruteforce

The bruteforce part is a little more complexe, but more customizable.
Hades will ask for your VMware domain, then for the url of the VMware website.
After, you will have to enter the username of the victim’s VMware account, and your discord webhook.
Finally, you just have to turn on a VPN and the program will start bruteforcing the VMware account.

⭐ Features ⭐

+ Fast and well optimized

+ Easily customizable

+ Good phishing page

+ Send logs on your Discord webhook

– Pretty hard to setup

– You have to use a vpn, since the bruteforce doesn’t use proxies for the requests

? Ideas ?

Feel free to make a pull request on this repository to submit any idea!

  • Add proxies to the bruteforcer

? Disclaimer ?

  • Please use this program only for educational purposes.
  • It is not meant to be used in any malicious way, and I decline any responsibility for what you do with it.