The simplified version of sending tokens into a server, the basic and fastest way.. When using this, you have the option to use proxies (http) so your ip address doesn’t ghosted or blacklisted from discord. If so, you wont be able to create accounts or join servers with newly created accounts..


You can see the quick guide on main.py, so you don’t have to read much.. But the following is more detailed..

Without Proxies

xtra.sendToken(prox='', token='token-here')

You leave the proxy argument empty because it cannot logically be taken with an empty arg.

With Proxies


Using proxies is very, very simple. You can use a file (automatically given from the api), and store proxies into it. You can read every single proxy and input it into the arg, it sends each member a different proxy, based on the amount of proxies given


These aren’t really needed but are important with handling. It returns the current version.



Proxies are not needed anymore, as of right now, we have a generator that automatically supports proxies.



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