Multi-Variate Time-Series Transformer

This repo contains the code required to train the multivariate time-series Transformer.

Download the data

The Non-Homogeneous Compound Poisson Process aeroelastic simulation data can be downloaded from:


First modify the yaml config file as desired, then the training may be launched with:

python3 -c path/to/config.yaml


Duthé, G., Abdallah, I., Barber, S., & Chatzi, E. (2021). Modeling and Monitoring Erosion of the Leading Edge of Wind Turbine Blades. Energies, 14(21), 7262.


  • einops>=0.3.0
  • h5py>=2.10.0
  • numpy>=1.20.1
  • python_box>=5.3.0
  • PyYAML>=6.0
  • torch>=1.8.0
  • tqdm>=4.60.0


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